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Our lives switched gears this week.  We ended our summer and began our school year.  For awhile I was feeling rather bummed about summer’s end, but in a way I am glad to see the back of summer.  I kept having these “expectations” of what I thought summer should be that really never materialized.  With school’s start, I feel like I can let those things go, and begin a new chapter.

Because this week has been full of new starts and expectations, you get the phone dump.

last days of summer

We ended summer with a baby Mockingbird, a cookout, The Game of Life, and pizza slices.

first days of school

We began the school year with muffins, celebratory popcorn snacks, and schoolwork.  This week has gone really well.  I feel renewed in some senses.  I’ve broken some cycles that I have struggled with all summer such as staying up way too late, and waking up way too late.  I think that was making me a lil crazy.  Discipline and routine is good for me.  I think it is good for all of us, and I see the little aggravations slowly melting away.  I know the school burnout will come, but for now I am enjoying the benefits of this new season.

How’s your neck of the woods?

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  1. Such fun stuff!
    Dina@4LettreWords recently posted..Back to school…again!My Profile

  2. I can relate to your need to be released from self-imposed ideals- that happens to me sometimes, too. Now a fresh start. So thankful to hear that school is going well; I think you’re right that you’re reaping the fruit of years of faithful sowing. And you’re capturing the moments so beautifully!

  3. I need to start getting to bed before 11…I’m still sleeping later, but I should stock up on as much as I can while I can! Glad the transition has been smooth! recently posted..Took a trip to the zoo.My Profile

  4. Kim, your collage this week is adorable…your son is so adorable and has that innocence of youth in his face.

  5. I agree with you about the routine being good for you. Now… if I could just get myself in a better routine 😉
    Misty Dawn recently posted..Rugged WingsMy Profile

  6. Kim, I can’t tell you how much I admire you for homeschooling (and starting in August)! I love following along and learning about your routine and schedule. So fascinated by the number of homeschoolers I’ve come upon since blogging (never knew one before!)… congratulations on a successful first week! I hope the rest of your year follows the same peaceful rhythm 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..The Mojave Desert & Red Rock CanyonMy Profile

  7. wow – excellent stuff – Now, I’ll watch even closer for great stuff in my own world.

  8. summer continues here for us. I am in no hurry to put it into a pigeon hole of what I think it should be or to get started on the next chapter. I will linger here till mid september and then meander into the beauty that is autumn.
    aspiritofsimplicity recently posted..8 AugustMy Profile

  9. A baby mockingbird?!?! How cool is that? 🙂 All the best to you as you start another year of homeschooling! I look forward to reading about your progress! (while I send my kids off to school on August 28 – because this mama wasn’t made for homeschooling) 🙂

  10. I think these seasons of change are good for us. It’s a sense of renewal. As with the the actual seasons- it’s nice to have a little something different & the excitement of anticipation for the next change you know is on the horizon. Enjoy this change my friend- it’s such a blessing that we get to be a part of this time in our kid’s lives.
    Gina recently posted..Gluten Free Chocolate Strawberry Gooey BarsMy Profile

  11. Yes, these pictures are beautiful, I love this baby nightingale! Greetings!

  12. I know exactly what you mean. It’s such a game changer when we are in school. There is so much to do never mind the laundry. One day at a time my friend. 😉 but, you know that. I love your photos like always. xoxo
    Lisa@Advent’s Adventures recently posted..MotionMy Profile

  13. Ha! We are both featuring birds today

    Molly recently posted..Day 220 – Sing-a-longMy Profile

  14. Your kids find the coolest animals. 🙂

    Not only are you disciplined and organzed, you are such a fun mommy, too… even your straw is fun! ;p
    Buckeroomama recently posted..In the Wild {2} – OrangutansMy Profile

  15. As much as I love the freedom of summer, that structure of school time really is good for us. I’m guilty of staying up way too late & sleeping in too late, too – and do look forward to the routine of fall around the corner for us!
    Glad it was a good week and love all the phone pics!
    Amanda @ WIldly Simple recently posted..Fresh From the Garden : CarrotsMy Profile

  16. You make me laugh, at least you took photos with your phone!
    Kristy, Life-n-Reflection recently posted..The Inspired Notebook: Summer PartyMy Profile

  17. So glad to hear you are off to a great start. It does feel good to start anew each Fall. It always feel much more like a new year to me than the New Year does.

    Love your images this week!
    Serendipity is Sweet recently posted..Little Things and Crafty GirlsMy Profile

  18. Love these. I need to start getting Dustyn on a routine.
    Sarah Halstead (@InTheMomentWith) recently posted..A Few Of My Favorite Things + GiveawayMy Profile

  19. Love your phone photo dump. I too love routine. I feel much more productive that way. Maybe one day I can get my act together and participate in your linky party. lol
    Eva recently posted..Summer funMy Profile


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