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Welcome to Little Things Thursday! We have had a few new folks joining us lately, so just want to say hello and welcome to this great group of people!

I finally finished editing the photos I took of Gracyn and her friends before their winter formal.  I have not had a moment’s peace this week to do anything creative, so I’m glad to have something to share. I’ve got two rolls of film scans coming in on Friday, so I am very very excited for those. #pleasedontsuck

I barely remember what is on them, but I do remember that I shot in bright sunny Florida for most of the frames. So, there is that.

Back to the formal…

winter formal 16-750

These girls have moved on from the Winter Formal and are now onto loads of rehearsals for The Music Man. The entire high school is required to be in the play, which I think is cool. It kind of forces kids to try something they might ordinarily shy away from. Like my “uh uh” girl.  These girls are going to be The Pick-A-Little Ladies for their first foray into theater. Maybe they will get the theater bug after their first time.  I danced my way through many a play in high school. 

They will be performing in about 3 weeks time at a vintage theater in our town, which is pretty awesome. 

Rehearsals are life, currently.

So, how was your week?

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  1. That is cool…and I’m sure they’ll do a great job!
    Dina recently posted..It SnowedMy Profile

  2. The Music Man is a great musical. It was one of my favorites and the Pick-A-Little ladies is a great introductory role . And they get to do it in a vintage theater to boot!

  3. A wonderful photo. They are so great in colors, great together… Good luck!
    There must be something very special, to belong to a group and do something together – I do not know this feeling, I have always stood at the edge or in groups get all the scolding and beatings until I went away. – Well, I do my own thing!
    Mascha recently posted..Regular lifeMy Profile

  4. a vintage theatre sounds amazing!
    jandi @ohmydearests recently posted..Gemma JadeMy Profile

  5. What a great role to have in the Music Man!!

  6. So fun!!! I think it’s great for them to try something they might not otherwise know that they love. I loved performing in high school & then suddenly became more of a shy type afterwards. Funny how that goes.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  7. ooh, good for Gracyn! Life with big kids is busy in a whole different kind of way, isn’t it?

  8. Oh, they all look so pretty in their dresses!! I guarantee they will be bitten by that drama bug after doing The Music Man. I have had kids in my drama class who swore they were “only going to work backstage” and then lo and behold they are the star of the show in their senior year. Drama is super!!! I love that the whole school is in it.

  9. lol….love your hash tag and I hope you’re happy with the photos. I think it’s great and unique that the entire student body is required to participate in the play. Love this photo too.

  10. No whole school productions here which is a shame I think. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time


  11. I can almost hear the giggling from that group of girls 🙂

  12. Sounds like so much fun! I’m sure they can hardly stand the excitement of it all and will have a blast! Lovely photo!

  13. Sounds like fun (and a lot of work) if the whole school needs to be in the play:) I know when kids are growing up it can be a battle just to get back to “normal!” Good for you that you reached it now.

  14. A wonderful photo! Sounds like exciting. I wish i could wear that type of dress ! Lovely.
    It is first time for to join Little things Thursday. Thank you so much from Japan, Tomoko.
    RedRose recently posted..Tomoko’s Diary……January(3)My Profile

  15. My brother had the lead in the Music Man when he was in high school. Brings back memories.

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