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We had an exciting milestone last Friday.  Gracyn had her first formal evening of high school!

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The school she attends has an English Country Dance Society. Doesn’t that sound so chic?

The girls donned long gowns and the guys wore their best suits. In other words, the girls spent all day getting ready and the boys got ready in 10 minutes with suits already in the closet.

During the beginning of the year, the school holds practice dances where the kids learn to dance English Country Style (think Jane Austen), The Waltz, a bit of Swing, The Virginia Reel, and others. I sure do value the way they learn to dance the old society way versus modern culture’s idea of dancing. I mean, modern dancing has it’s place, but many kids grow up without learning to dance for grown up events.

The girls are learning to wait to be asked to dance, and to graciously accept requests.  Except for that one Sadie Hawkins number they like to mortify the girls with, occasionally.

Call me old fashioned, but I love when men are called upon to step up and pursue. This is something that I am emphasizing in our home, even though it isn’t necessarily a value of today’s culture. Equally, I was thrilled that most of the kids did not go with a particular date, so that they could have the experience of dancing with more than one person.  I just kind of love that idea.

The final report of the evening was good, even though the girls did hide during some of the harder dances. Not an ankle was twisted, so all’s well that ended well.

Let’s hear about your week!

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  1. I too like that idea of learning to dance properly and waiting for the men to ask you. All the girls are lovely but I would think the virginia Reel would be a challenge in a long gown:)

  2. Looks like fun! Have a beautiful week, Kim!

  3. Beautiful girls and a great thing!
    ( We have classes for ballroom dancing too, but I could not participiate as a school girl… I think, I could like it – )
    Have a nice time
    Mascha recently posted..Creature on fireMy Profile

  4. Awww…how exciting!! I love that they learn how to dance before the big day. And, all that primping was worth it. They looked beautiful!
    Dina recently posted..December via InstagramMy Profile

  5. How fun and lovely!! She looks gorgeous!

  6. There is something to be said for old-school courting rituals veiled through dances – but I am glad that they also include provisions for girls to gain self-worth and confidence in asking another out to a dance. I especially applaud kids bold to go it alone or as friends with less emphasis on romance or sex.

    The girls look lovely.

  7. My goodness- so grown up. I would be a ball of nerves. I love that they teach them things most won’t get the chance to learn in a traditional school setting. How fun for her.
    Gina recently posted..Skillet LasagnaMy Profile

  8. Wow, I love how you arranged the girls! And look at your little girl, all grown up and so gracious and gorgeous!! SWOON!
    Ramona recently posted..Christmas on FilmMy Profile

  9. I’m giddy that this type of event still happens. I admire you so much Kim for the values you instill in your kids. I know that can’t be easy with what going on all around these kids…(and adults) these days. I hold on tight to my old fashioned values-of course understanding that it is a different world out there. Beautiful girls.

  10. Love 🙂

  11. What an amazing experience for all of the girls! I’m sure they all had a fun time!
    Mitzi recently posted..Childhood Comforts {Little Things}My Profile

  12. I love how beautiful and modest your daughter’s dress is…

    And I love the values you are instilling. Well done.

  13. The left one is a really fun one of friends! Guess I’m in-between – I like the man to pursue, but leave the woman in his life to reach her goals too:)

  14. That is so awesome, Kim! I’m glad your girl is having these experiences! So fun! The dresses the girls chose are beautiful and, refreshingly modest! I’m all astonishment, lol 🙂

  15. How exciting! And they all look so elegant!

  16. Oh I love the act of being asked to dance, it’s so romantic! This may sound bias, but Gracyn’s long dark blue dress is my favorite, though they all look so pretty. Oh Kim, watching your beautiful children grow up always pulls on my heartstrings because my boys are not far behind….
    Catherine recently posted..Bonne Année | ParisMy Profile

  17. The girls are so sweet in their grown-up dresses and going to a dance. They all look beautiful.

  18. Cute shots!! And love the “old fashioned” dance environment!

  19. I’m enjoying seeing this group of friends God is giving to G- they look like a pretty amazing collection of people! G is very fetching in formal wear, and how sweet that they’re learning old fashioned dance and manners.

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