Little Things Thursday

Happy New Year! It’s our first Little Things Thursday of the year! Welcome back old friends and new!

We are well back into our routine around here. School is back full force and so is all the taxi-servicing.

And, confession time, I’m already struggling for creative inspiration. Thankfully, this one will help me out a bit. The others run.

Jasper cabby hat 01-bloglbl

I’m finding that I really need to add some exploration to our days, but I feel a bit stuck on what that could look like. Most of our days are Point A to B kind of days and we’ve just got to stay the course to get the needs covered.

I’ve come up with a small list of things to implement this winter such as explore some trails. But, then I kind of get stuck for more ideas.

All I know is that I have to spend more time outside of my 4 walls this winter if I want to develop my photography to the next level. Winter is a creative slump for so many of us, but I know it can be a boost, if we allow it to be.

So, maybe you guys can help. What is the number one thing you do to boost your creativity during the winter months? I am keeping a journal of ideas to pull from when I need to shake up our routine.

A little snow sure would add to the creativity here, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that January comes through!


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  1. Going into nature helps… Be it in the garden or something that requires traveling…. Maybe a short day trip over the weekend… Hope you find some inspiration this week!

  2. An awesome portrait, sweet little guy

    It will be destroyed in the everyday lives of everyday demands a lot of creativity. And often happen unforeseen things, problems must be solved quickly. This draws back from really beautiful and important things … sigh!
    I guess the winter, rest and time for reflection, solitude, because by snow my daily radius becomes smaller, All is far away, which is easily reached without snow by bicycle. I hope of this peace, enjoy this seeming hibernation.

    But the reality: lifeis much more strenuous, because all paths to walk take five times as long, cost a lot of power. to maintain a old mother you can not stop just because it is a sudden winter – – –
    Often I am only at the end, winter is the hardest time.
    But actually snow is so nice to see.

    Make it better than I do and enjoy your winter time. Go into the nature. Find peace and quietness.
    Send you a little snow (we have it now) 🙂
    Mascha recently posted..Railway station on sunday the third in January …My Profile

    • Exactly. Winter is the time when I often let inspiration slip because it takes more work. The light is scarce, and the days are dreary. But, I know it’s there if I can go explore.

  3. A beautiful portrait … a lucky boy!
    I’m new by “Little Things Thursday” 🙂
    Happy New Year, and a good time, best Joana
    Joana recently posted..Kleine Dinge…My Profile

  4. This kid has got the prettiest smile and eyes I’ve seen. He looks so adorable.

    It sucks when the weather keeps you indoors like all the time. We don’t have winter in this part of the world, but it’s the same when it’s always raining.. like half of our year is raining. :\

    I think if you just bring your camera with you all the time, especially when you’re out, you’ll get to capture every amazing moments not only those who involve you and your family but also other people’s moments.
    I love taking strangers’ pictures. Have you tried it?

    By the way, Happy New Year! ♥
    teresa recently posted..daddy momentMy Profile

    • Thank you! I try to keep a film camera on me, but I’ve been lax this first week of the New Year. I think we need a good old fashioned walk somewhere soon. I need to work it in to our days. Everyone seems to be saying that nature is the great inspiration. I agree.

  5. He is so handsome!
    I too have been feeling stuck in a rut. I am really vowing to get out with my camera and do more than work on the weekends!

  6. Oh yes -so true. It’s hard to find time for those things to nourish the soul when the “have to’s” dominate the schedule.

    Hope you can carve out some creative time.

  7. Great portrait! I know I feel better if I can just get outside and walk! Good luck. Happy New Year and thank you for hosting!

  8. Happy New Year Kim. Do you get Group On ? Its a great way to get discounted anything on your phone. I’ve received deals from local places I didn’t even know existed. You might start with that. Google google google…can be your best friend!Jasper is a dream model. Good luck and keep us posted on what you find.

  9. We were just having this conversation on the way home tonight- what would be on our tiaw rotation if we lived in Atlanta? (funny, I know- don’t we always project ourselves to other places?) We decided definitely the beauty available in nature in just a short drive- probably hiking and biking. Also museums- the High and there are probably lots of others. I bet an Atlanta/south Atlanta home school internet group would be replete with ideas. Happy searching- it’s a noble quest.

    • So funny! Because I always think,” if we were still in Bangkok, then…”. Bangkok feels easier to me even though the nature seeking is way more outside of the daily bits. But at least I can come up with ideas and entry fees are cheaper. I’m on a quest here!

  10. Hiking is always a good idea, but try looking for beauty in everyday things no matter where you are. If you start taking your camera with you when you are going from A to B, look for that beauty as you drive.

    Currently I’m fascinated with how trees look without their leaves.

    Also – macro photography is fun. I much prefer my phone attachment for macro than my dslr and lens – and it’s much more portable! I’ve been known to pull it out and experiment in the grocery store or Target…

  11. Well this is certainly a great one! I love how the light falls off and what a perfectly natural expression!

  12. Kim, I have come to the conclusion that ‘creativity’ for ‘time’ tend to go hand-in-hand and when I am short on one, the other is equally lacking. I explore Instagram for inspiration.

  13. Happy NEW YEAR! (If I haven’t said so already!) Nothing spurs on my creativity like nature…so I’m with you. I haven’t been to my pond on a long, slow wander with my camera for a few weeks. Have to bundle up and get out there! Also – making things for other people spurs on my creativity… I’ve also jumped in on a daily instagram challenge #365_today. Funny how just searching for a little something that’s been “prompted” can change the way I see all the ‘same old’ things that area around me all the time! Hugs!

  14. You’re not asking for an easy thing, because new inspiration may mean taking time or money you may not have. What often sparks my energy is to go outside my normal surroundings, and see things I usually gravitate to, for instance sky diving, graffiti, or visit web sites I would normally not visit. Write down my dreams, have times of contemplation by myself. Go visit a new city, or region. Or exploring another branch of art and document it. The possibilities are endless, but I don’t have kids anymore that need to be taken care of every day! So, hope you can find your way through this list, to see what’s feasible for you.

    • Part of my issue is living in the suburbs. I always feel inspired in nature or in city…but the ‘burbs are really tough for me inspiration wise.

  15. He is very photogenic-what fun for you!

  16. So cute! And stylish!!!!

  17. I must confess, I allow myself to be uninspired. I let go. Instead I leave my camera and do something else. I exercise, read loads of books, bake, paint and sleep a lot. If you find your way to create, I hope you put up a post of how to. 🙂
    And like always, I’m loving the picture!

  18. Happy New Year, lovely!!!! <3
    Your little boy is such a cutie! 🙂
    Ramona recently posted..First post…My Profile

  19. Hmm, honestly, I don’t know. Keeping a journal with ideas sounds like a good plan. Over the holidays I have started to get my online life a bit more organized i.e. I am now using a calendar for scheduling, automating tweets, using Pocket to come back to pages I want to read and also Evernote. So, basically just a bit more housekeeping in order to make more worry-free (!) time to create and do the (other) things I want to do.

  20. This boy — he just can’t take a bad photo :)! We have just had an unprecedented 5 days of rain, with flooding around the city, activities cancelled. Tough to be out and about, much less photographing something. Today the sun is back, but my camera is in the shop being cleaned. Life — ha ha! I think the first step may be simply that you’re thinking / looking / planning to be creative. You have the talent — it’s just figuring out where to apply it. I love seeing the photos of your homeschooling and your kids. I’d vote to keep those up, for sure, no matter what else you branch out into. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Sharon recently posted..Happy 2016My Profile

  21. Such a beautiful smile from your boy. He is gorgeous! I not too sure what inspiration I can give you as I am also struggling with my own. I’d say to get your coat on and head-forth? Best of luck! x
    Su {Ethan & Evelyn} recently posted..My Mini Style: Oscar Lily Nordic Print Waterproof CoatMy Profile

  22. What an awesome photo. Reminds me of a young paper boy from long ago! Beautiful capture!

  23. What a winsome little guy! When stuck indoors and lacking inspiration, I go back to my Photography related Pinterest boards and figure out WHY I like certain photos and WHAT about them moves me… this creates such a challenge for me and inspires me to pick up my camera and create… (p.s. this can be equally discouraging and frustrating too, but for the most part, it helps by challenging me :).
    Catherine recently posted..Bonne Année | ParisMy Profile

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