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Is it New Year’s Eve already? 2015 has blown by. I feel as if I’m still catching my breath for this year that was.

I know it is time for all our resolutions and Word of the Year stuff. This year, I’m not really doing that. I love goals, don’t get me wrong.  I just think that I’m still learning last year’s lessons. I’ll adjust my sails accordingly, but I think I’m going to camp out awhile on last year’s resolution to pause to enjoy life and to follow God as He continues the work He has begun in me this year. I found 2015 to be a rather difficult year, but gosh did I learn! I think I’ll always struggle with the same old things, but I gained a fresh perspective on moving forward.

Some things haven’t changed.  I still love doing this.

JFC by window

In 2015, I picked up the expensive film habit. Though the above is my trusted DSLR. The film bit is just for me, at present. I love the freedom to please myself with my work.  I love the way it allows me to be in a moment.  I love the way it teaches me to be a better photographer by both my successes and failures such as getting a whole roll of blank black and white film back from the lab because I didn’t load properly. I’m still grieving those shots.

I’m continuing on in my business. I’m expanding my circles and seeking to connect with those who truly value photography from click to finished product.

I’m going to shoot knowing that not everyone will like what I shoot. That I’ll be compared, critiqued, and ignored.  And that is okay. It’s kind of the artist way, isn’t it? I won’t let opinion paralyze me.

Hey, look. I guess I made a few resolutions after all. And I resolve to try harder to blog more in 2016.  The last half of 2015 just could not be kept up with. But I resolve to live to create, not create to live. Some of you really inspire that notion in me. So thank you for that!

Happy New Year Y’all! I look forward to genuine connections in this coming year! Thank you for joining me each week for Little Things Thursday!

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  1. Kim, I just loved your post. I have a similar post with goals that I am linking in with and I think I too should start photography as a hobby now..irrespective of whether others like my images or not 🙂

    Wishing you a Blessed New Year and may the year ahead be filled with all the happiness you deserve.


  2. I hear you – some lessons cross several years – things we learn do not pay attention to the calender anyway:) That you may have an awesome 2016 with your family and for your passion!
    Jesh StG recently posted..IN THE NEW YEAR – NO FEARMy Profile

  3. Wishing you a beautiful 2016! <3

  4. Your photos are great. I like film photography more than digital… only I haven’t the money for it, sigh!
    Oh yeah, the year is over like a hush, that seems me too. But I’m not sad about it….and I hope, the next will stay better.
    Happy New Year 🙂
    Mascha recently posted..A feast for the inhabitants of the forestMy Profile

  5. Here is to a happy, healthy, and fun new year!

  6. Happy New Year! Love your photos.

  7. Beautiful photos…I have to admit that I was a film girl for the longest time, but it definitely can get extremely expensive. Love my DSLR. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  8. Beautiful portrait and those sound like good resolutions to me. Happy New Year.

  9. LOVE this post…one thing I love about being 50 something…I’m ok that not everyone likes what I post. I know I am true to myself and I don’t permission or validation. This is my journey…Your on your journey and I for one watching you grow. Happy New Year Kim. Thanks for hosting this meme! I look forward to posting here and staying connected. xo

  10. I like your notion: I resolve to live to create, not create to live. It is so hard to do such thing when you are a blogger and relying on the income from creating, but if you can’t live to create then you are practically soulless. I think I rather keep my soul by resolve to live to create. Thank you for an inspiring post. Have a wonderful New Year!
    Su {Ethan & Evelyn} recently posted..Christmas Festivity in HitchinMy Profile

  11. Happy New Year too you and your family!

  12. I have never done New Year resolution, they never felt right. This time I am thinking about a One Word, but haven’t got one yet. We’ll see. Life keeps on changing too much to be limited by set limitations, goals.
    You are very right that not everyone will like what you post or create. I have come to terms with that on my site. The fact that I have got so many and diverse subjects going. But, hey, that’s me! 🙂
    Happy New Year, Kim! May it be joyful, healthy and successful for you.

  13. Happy New Year, Kim to you and your lovely family. I too hope to blog more in 2016 and link to your “little things thursday” more often. I don’t do NY’s resolutions, I fail and who wants to fail all the time. I am just hoping to live to my fullest potential, which I think we all want.

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