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I am almost through the initial gauntlet of revamping my photography business, which is one reason I have struggled to blog frequently the last 2-3 months. I am so thankful Christmas break is coming so I can work more creatively as opposed to business-minded.  Though that never really gets a break. But I am excited to recharge my creative batteries soon!

portra400-kodakfilm-jasperhelen 01-blog

I’m thankful to have these film shares in reserve!

This kid is my always blink right when you push the shutter kid. That or divert the eyes away from the camera.  He has a knack.

At least it is a happy knack. This image was 5 minutes before busting his lip on a playground doing this:

famous last words 01-750
You know, as a mother I teeter the balance between letting my kids explore dangerous things and wanting to tell them to get down right now!!! Mothers, you get it, right?  Well, exploring the edge won the day and wouldn’t you know it, he fell smack on his face about 10 seconds later.  ER visit followed to see if a stitch or two was needed below his lip.

I can’t win. Instead of telling him to get down, not only did I let him do it, but I stood by taking photographs of it.  Mom of the year!

Maybe I didn’t win, but I know on some level he won some sort of lesson in becoming a man. Chicks dig scars, right?

portra 400-kodakfilm-jasperscar

How’s your week?

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  1. It is a difficult balance but I do think children should be allowed to make mistakes and to explore, learn and grow without our constant intervention…
    jandi recently posted..Welcome sweet Bella & Rudolf!My Profile

  2. Despite the fall, it looks like a win-win in the end – Jasper’s stunt and sweet glowing smile and your capture of both! I hope the Christmas break gives you lots of time to refuel and relax Kim, have a wonderful holiday! Joyeux Noel 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Happy Holidays | Joyeux NoëlMy Profile

  3. Lovely photos! <3

  4. Totally get it! Uggghhh…and it ALWAYS hurts Mom more. 🙁

    Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oy! Sometimes the monkeys need to fall, that’s what my mom always said about me!

  6. Oh goodness- I remember that! It’s always something because they love to explore & see what they are capable of. Love that last shot- the light & bokeh is just gorgeous!

  7. Thank you so much for hosting this message 🙂
    Rose @ Walnut Acre recently posted..Twelve Free Christmas Books for KindleMy Profile

  8. Let ’em fall, I say! Life – the real adult life they grow into – is so full of bumps, breaks and bruises…it’s nice to know that most of the little childhood ones can heal with a band aid, a kiss and the occasional trip to the doc. My daring boy needed those bumps along the way, cause he’s a limit pusher. Even at 25 he need reigning in sometimes…I dread to think how much furthere “out there” he’d be if he hadn’t been thwarted a time or two along the way 😉

  9. oh Kim, I’m so with you. In secret, I was never happier that all 3 of my kids weren’t climbers, daredevils and I didn’t spend time in the ER. And yes, chicks dig scars…lol!

  10. Aww, you can’t protect them from everything. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Kim, he looks like he’ll survive okay 🙂 Great shots – your kids are so photogenic, or is it the photographer 😉

  11. such a hard balance to strike! I think it’s good to ere on the side of letting them figure out how to navigate and judge potential danger, but it’s hard when you know you could prevent it. I love the first shot…very lifestyle and fun! 😉

  12. Haha…it’s all a part of being a mom AND being a kid, isn’t it!

  13. I had a son who would wave to me from the top of the swing set as I did the dishes inside and then he would flip off and land. My heart did many many leaps over the years….but I got used to it and in the end I was able to watch my grown son and daughter jump out of an airplane and take photos of it. Boys love those war wounds because they can tell people what they did and it is too cool. But I do understand your dilemma. Momhood, not for the faint of heart!

  14. Talk to me about it! I have a son who beats to his own drum – who looked cross-eyed in his sister’s wedding pics – adventurous beyond his parents – having lived and worked in two other countries by the age of 30 (I hope we have the “worst” behind us, but it’s dangerous to predict with him). Love the second pic – maybe that’s how he likes to view the world, haha:)
    Jesh StG recently posted..IT’S COMINGMy Profile

  15. I 100% know what you mean about charging your creative batteries! I’m a youth minister and while I love, love my teens with my entire year – it’s nice to have a few weeks off from programming this time of year to brainstorm fun activities for the new year.

  16. Beautiful pictures Kim. I so want to take a class.

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