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I’m so thankful that some film scans came in late Tuesday night or I would have been in serious pickle for today. Outside of my professional work I have been on a film jag. I think it is due to being free to capture and not run to the computer to edit.  After portrait season, I just can’t muster up much energy to edit my own stuff.

When my scans come in, my initial reaction is always a bit crestfallen.  I remind myself, “This is not digital! It isn’t supposed to look like digital!” The next viewing is always seen in a new light. Someone asked me last week ,with a snicker in their eye, why I would bother with film when an SD card holds so many images. That’s it exactly. The answer is shooting with focus and intent. Film forces you to correct in camera instead of out, which is what you should be doing regardless of technology.

Since my middle turned 11 this past week, I’m highlighting his scans.

Aidan 01-750 I actually loved this one immediately. No crests were fallen. blog dyp 01-750

These were a bit more muted than I like. Same film stock as above, but captured on dull days.

Aidan 04-750 They weren’t supposed to dog pile in this shot, but…boys. Wouldn’t you know it was the last shot on the roll? It captures their relationship and that’s what photography is all about in my opinion.

All images shown are taken on my Minolta SRT 101 using Kodak Portra 400 film stock rated @200. Images were developed and scanned by The Findlab on Noritsu.

I love Portra 400, and I’m discovering that I love it more on a sunny day. I had about 10 keepers on this roll. My shutter got sticky and I lost 10 frames.  Totally blank frames. A couple of misfires rounded out the roll. “Hey, why is there a frame of my window blinds?” How was your week and Thanksgiving?

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  1. They are all so great, but there’s just something about that last one!
    Dina recently posted..November via InstagramMy Profile

  2. The joy in that last shot — you will treasure this for years to come! I think it’s great that you are trying something “new” by using film. You are expanding your creative horizons. Good for you!
    Sharon recently posted..Reaching for the SunMy Profile

  3. The first and last shots are my favorites. What a wonderful relationship they have and it shows well on the film. Because I am not feeling well I am not shooting as much either. Oh well…I do have some events coming up and will be traveling and my photo taking will pick up considerably.

  4. I do love the 1st + last shots! just fantastic! yes, boys will be boys! happy birthday to your precious boy!
    jandi @ohmydearests recently posted..PrivilegeMy Profile

  5. He is such a handsome looking kiddo! Hope he had a great bday!!
    Tamar recently posted..High RollerMy Profile

  6. YES! I when teaching others about what I know I always say that it’s better to get it right IN camera than to “fix” it later. Which is why I don’t shoot raw. I know people say raw lets you have control & doesn’t allow the camera to do things for you. For me – if I am getting my settings right, then that’s part of me telling my fancy tool how I want things & it taking some of the work out for me. I can either set it how I want it in camera, or shoot raw & do it later. I would much rather eliminate time behind the computer whenever possible.

    I love that last shot – I completely agree that it’s all about capturing LIFE & what’s real. Those moments are so special.
    Gina recently posted..Chocolate Eggnog CupcakesMy Profile

  7. Laurie @ Pride in Photos says:

    It has been years since I have shot with film. Good for you getting out of your comfort zone. I think they look terrific.

  8. I think you did a fantastic job…and that last one….it captures boys in their purest and most honest light! Your middle one is adorable!
    Kelly Kardos recently posted..Little Things…My Profile

  9. Happy birthday to your middle one 🙂

  10. Beautiful family photos! I just love how film looks.
    Mary Bacher recently posted..#BISsisterhood Link-Up // HopeMy Profile

  11. Thank you so much for hosting this party 🙂
    Rose @ Walnut Acre recently posted..25 Free Books and eBooks from AmazonMy Profile

  12. Great Photos – they eyes of your son are so alive! A little disappointing when others “don’t get” our intent, eh?

  13. That last photo is wonderful! I have thought about using film to challenge myself more, but that’s about as far as it goes. I have too many memories from back in the day of disposable cameras and getting a complete roll of nothing.
    Sadie recently posted..My Top 10 Conservation Organizations to Donate to This Holiday SeasonMy Profile

  14. These are wonderful pictures Kim… I’m curious, do you (can you) edit your film scans? The last shot of the boys is magic!
    Catherine recently posted..Autumn in ParisMy Profile

    • Yes, you can totally edit. I find that almost zero editing is needed outside of a few blemishes on skin. This is the beauty of a good stock of film. We can get back to our families instead of sitting at the editing desk!

  15. Awesome shots, Kim!~ The last one is my favorite – that’s what it’s all about – capturing the moment, sharing it with others. Blessings!

  16. I am way behind trying to catch up – no time to take photos everyday. I enjoy watching your family grow – enjoy the holidays!

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