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Welcome back to Little Things Thursday! I got a little behind this past week with blogging because in all honesty, my daughter’s high school stuff is kicking my booty. Now, I know it should all be her high school stuff kicking her booty, but as a mom you still have to make sure it all happens.  All the purchases for the week…my job.  All the taxi needs…my job. Did I mention school is 36 miles away and we have umpteen functions to attend? All the forms and homework oversight…my job.

Not to mention normal life needs that don’t involve said high schooler.   Can I get an amen, Mamas?

High School is kicking both of our butter beans.

I really want to get this time management thing back to auto pilot, but that isn’t going to happen.  We are still working on the kinks of transitioning.

G homework-750 Wednesdays are Def Con 5 in preparing for Thursday campus days.  There is frantic studying and editing of essays every. single. week.

 There is the mad rush to read 100 pages of the current literature selection.  She is working steadily, but it is just a lot. It’s truly a lot.

 She takes it all with a grain and loves going to school. Great friendships have been born and are developing as the weeks go by.

It’s all a blessing in our lives…but a busy blessing.  I almost feel that my mothering needs have increased exponentially of late. There is just so much terrain to navigate. I need to be present.

I am present. It’s a gift to walk these last in the nest years and make them count. If I don’t blog as much as I used to it’s because I’m asleep. By the end of the day I am simply toast with a long list of the undone.

How’s your week?

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  1. That is a beautiful portrait of her. I wish we had a hybrid option here but we don’t. Glad she is making friends and making an effort in school as well.

  2. Lovely portrait! High School – what an transition!
    Can imagine it makes inside out the whole life and taking time each day for such long distance…
    What a luck, she found friends 🙂
    Mascha recently posted..Little German ABCMy Profile

  3. 36 miles – wow! You are such a great mama for helping her with this all and driving her. Hope you’re all hanging in!!
    Tamar recently posted..Cajun Fish StewMy Profile

  4. it sounds hectic! but sometimes busy is good…
    jandi @ohmydearests recently posted..Sweet Little ThingsMy Profile

  5. I hear ya! It’s been crazy around here…and I’m not doing half of what you are, Mama!

    Can’t believe how much she’s grown. Beautiful!
    Dina recently posted..Wishful WednesdayMy Profile

  6. I think the drive is probably almost as bad as the time lost- I remember driving my daughter to work in a town 35 miles away, then going back and picking her up after her shift. That year about did me in. I would do it again, because working for a vet helped steer her towards a career in nursing. It is the little things that become big things.

    Your daughter is beautiful- and lucky to have a mom like you.
    Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines recently posted..Foggy MornMy Profile

  7. When I initially stopped working outside the home to focus on assisting the kids with school and extracurricular activities, it was with the intent to return to the workforce when they got to high school. I quickly learned that kids need their moms even more through high school – so that got tabled until they were out of school. Hang in there – you will find a routine that will become perhaps not less demanding, but more ‘normal’ in due course. (and then they go to the next grade and it all starts over again – but you adapt quicker each year)
    Nicki recently posted..little.things.thursday | well hello kitty …My Profile

  8. My word- yes that is a lot happening. I feel that way but with my son’s job, and his lifeguard instructor class & his swim instructor class all on top of school, work & all the other whoppers thrown our way as of late. Every time we try to find balance & calm it seems life had another plan now doesn’t it?

    Love ya mama & so happy she’s having a great time. Here for you if you need that shoulder –
    Gina recently posted..Churro TwistsMy Profile

  9. Such a beautiful girl! All mine have flown the nest and I can say that all the dedication/busyness to being there for your kids while they navigate their teens is worth it. Worth all the sacrifice! You’re a good mom!

  10. 36 miles away!!!!!!! YOWZER! You get an “Amen sista!” from me on THAT one!

  11. Yesss – never enough time to attend all the activities of a high schooler. Chose carefully – you don’t want to get worn out. Fortunately, we were living close enough she could go by bike to school (because at that time I was in grad. school training) But great that your daughter seems to enjoy it!
    Jesh StG recently posted..CHILDHOOD MEMORIES of HOLLANDMy Profile

  12. AMEN! You are one busy Mama…Your daughter is just gorgeous and how awesome that she takes everything with a grain of salt. I need to take a few lessons from her! Happy Thursday Kim xo
    Kelly Kardos recently posted..Little Things…My Profile

  13. School is 36 miles away! I thought I had it bad living in the country in Kansas!!!
    Sadie recently posted..Back to Thailand!!!!My Profile

  14. When they are babies you think it is tough but I have found that teens are much harder in a very different way. The pressure to meet deadlines, the constant demand on time and the logistics of getting everyone where and when they to be is utterly exhausting


  15. Hey Kim!!!! Oh it sounds so much like my life lately… at least you are able to sit down once a week and write…. it´s been the whole month of october for me and it just keeps getting crazier! But yes, it is a blessing and I know it! So happy you know it too!!!!
    You wouldn´t believe how much I am enjoying this little time here today!

  16. i have been crazy busy this week as well. I am glad that next week will be much slower. I like slow.

  17. These years go so fast and probably because it all keeps us so busy, we miss so much of it…..part of me is glad I don’t have to deal with the highschool years anymore and yet…..I miss how simple life was when my three were in highschool! does that all make sense? I don’t know but they have all flown the coop and I miss them.
    Cath recently posted..Feathers, Fur and FinsMy Profile

  18. Motherhood… the truest exercise of dedication, patience, service, above all love… and the list goes on. I know a mom who drives her daughter 1.5 hrs to boarding school on Mondays and picks her up Fridays, every week. I don’t know about her having to return during the week for activities, but hopefully this makes for an ounce of consolation (though 36 miles back and forth is a lot!). Sometimes I see your sharing as a crystal ball into my future and it makes me want to brace for impact! Thank you for sharing your experiences and woes and wisdom Kim, hopefully with time and more experience, the schedule will get easier my friend 🙂 xo
    Catherine recently posted..Paris: A City to Call their OwnMy Profile

  19. I love the fact that you are so dedicated to your family. Yes, it should be normal, but the way you are there for them, yet letting them evolve (ie. your daughter now going to highschool instead of homeschooling) and grow – kudos. You are doing a great job! And your daughter’s portrait? Breathtaking…
    Claudia recently posted..Halloween Inspired ArtMy Profile

  20. Wow, 36 miles?!? That’s crazy. We lived 2 miles from our high school and 1 from the elementary school. The middle school was a bother at 4.3 miles. Love the image. Just beautiful.

  21. This new stage of life, Kim- it sounds so challenging yet so clearly filled with good things that God has given…What a gift that she’s making friends and being challenged, but I bet there have been some tears (from both of you!) I will pray for your perseverance and for the perspective to take it one bit at a time. Each new stage does seem to bring its own challenges, doesn’t it? I’m feeling it, too, in different ways, and there are temptations to be afraid of what’s coming, but I pray for the grace to “smile at the future, laugh at the days to come”…will pray that for you, too.

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