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Hello Friends! Welcome to Little Things Thursday! If I’m not mistaken, we are now into our 4th year of sharing our lives with each other here! It’s really humbling to see how this community has grown and changed over these last 3 years.  Thank you all for being here each week and being part of a sweet community! I sort of lost track of the time, but did not want to miss thanking you for the time you take to be here. Truth told, I can’t remember the exact date Little Things Thursday began, but it’s been a honor having you here! It’s amazing to see how we have all grown in life and in our photography.

So, off we go into another year of sharing!

Homework 01-blog

Jasper doing a bit of homework at Starbucks 

For all the new folks, I thought it would be a good idea to just take a moment to say hello and share what this community is all about. Little Things Thursday’s primary purpose is to share those little moments happening in our lives that we want to document for posterity. I love having memories documented to reflect the good of daily life. There are always challenges, hurts, and struggles in life, but there are many blessings, as well.  That’s what this linky is all about: finding the good and capturing it!

Capturing is part and parcel to what we are doing here! We want to see your world, not just in text, but in images! Each Thursday is a great time to display your growth in photography. Just show what you are working on! Just use whatever tools you have. There are no themes, which creates freedom and flexibility to align your posts to whatever is going on in your life.  You can share your crafts, your recipes, your children, your travel, your job, or your whatever! Just make sure that you include a photograph that you captured. No stock photos, please. 

May I share some tips for feeling more connected here? 

1. Link early. The earliest links get the most traffic. The link opens every Thursday at midnight.

2. Connect. Don’t link and run. Take the time to build community…and this community is awesome!  Short on time? Just try to reach a few fellow bloggers.

3. Be generous. Comments beget comments. Simply put, those who take time to comment get noticed and reciprocity from others. Be brave and go first.

4. Stay with the overall spirit of the party…i.e. sharing your life or endeavors with your photography.

5. Make it easy to comment on your blog. Too many hoops to leave a comment deters interaction. There are several blogs out there that I simply cannot leave a comment on due to having to register a password that I have already forgotten. I want to support you! Make it easy, folks!

6. See something that really resonates with you? Share it! Pin it! Tweet it! There are so many incredible people doing incredible things, so cheer them on!

Well, enough telling. Let’s get to showing. Here is to year 4!


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  1. Happy Anniversary to Little Things Thursday! I had no idea how many years it had been going on, just know I jumped in about a year ago.

    Lovely photo of Jasper.

  2. Lovely photo of an handsome boy.
    Have a good time, thanks for hosting (four years – all accommodations!)
    Mascha recently posted..Colors and fountains…My Profile

  3. Happy 4 years dear Kim! Have a beautiful week!
    jandi recently posted..These GirlsMy Profile

  4. jasper has the most beautiful eyes!
    Happy little by little anniversary:) You make it easy to reply, because you show and write about very specific things! andI enjoy your comments… Thank you for hosting every week!
    Yes, you’re right about the commenting process I know some hit the panic button, when they can’t find the comment form (it depends which theme one chooses at WordPress), but I sure hope you don’t have to sign back in (I also keep forgetting my own password (: )- if you have to, I like to know it!
    Jesh StG recently posted..THE BEGINNINGS OF FALLMy Profile

  5. 4 years – wow!!!
    Tamar recently posted..100 day countdownMy Profile

  6. Mr. Cutie P. Tootie!
    Dina recently posted..Sunshine and Orange JuiceMy Profile

  7. Joining in for the first time, having only found your blog today…congrats on four years! This looks like a wonderful community, looking forward to finding some interesting new bloggers to read!
    Jennifer recently posted..That’s a WrapMy Profile

  8. Wonderful advice on ways to make the link up work! I tend to try to visit and leave comments on every blog that links up. I know that is not the norm for most people…Usually they visit the one before them and the host… I love that image of Jasper and what an awesome environment to do homework! Congrats on the Anniversary of Little Things Thursday!
    Mitzi Rice recently posted..It’s the Littlest of Things That Bring the Greatest DelightMy Profile

  9. WOW – 4 years. It’s amazing how fast that time has gone. It’s been so nice to watch our families grow though the years.
    Gina recently posted..Birthday Cake Oreo Cream DessertMy Profile

  10. Congrats on 4 years of a great linkup. And lovely photo of your son!

  11. The first thing I thought of once I came to your page is how happy and cheery it always is. I get a good feeling when I visit your space in the blogosphere and enjoy linking up with you each week. I love how you explained everything above about the little things in our lives, because it is the little things that count and matter most that we sometimes take for granted or simple just forget. Blogging helps me to appreciate the little things and showcase them with everyone each week. Thanks for giving us an outlet to share. 🙂
    Lowanda J recently posted..Currently September Vol. 2My Profile

  12. Thanks for hosting the link up! Happy 4 year anniversary!!!
    Sadie recently posted..First Impression of BudapestMy Profile

  13. Hi … I just found your blog and your link up for the first time. I’m a little late in joining the game this week, but I’m looking forward to sharing more in the future and getting to know other contributors.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend…

  14. Since discovering your blog (about two years ago now…), I’ve always loved the message and tone of your posts, and find the community kind and generous – as communities should be. Happy 4th year Kim, and hoping for many more!

  15. Hi Kim! I made it a point to add you to my blogger dashboard and post Oct. 8. Congrats on 4 years. Jasper is a cutie patootie.

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