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This week has been so busy and I’m struggling to keep up with everything. Somehow, I thought my load would lighten a bit this year, but my load has been anything but light. In fact, it has grown.

flowers from summer 01-blog

Kodak Portra 400 on Minolta SRT 101

I can’t figure out if things are just busy due to the newness of school or if this is how our year is just going to be. Either way, it’s OK. I’m just trying to figure out balance.

Does balance really exist or is that a thought we just console ourselves with?

I haven’t been able to do much for myself these last 6 weeks, but I am excited that my Starbucks Wednesday nights are back! I will get two+ hours to just sit in a semi-quite place and work on personal and professional things. It’s a small oasis carved out in the busy of everyday life.  I’m thankful for it because I have felt the weight of trying to get to my growing to do list.

It’s an exciting prospect.

Well, how about your beginning of fall? Let’s see a bit of it!


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  1. Very pretty orange flowers. I also went with orange in my post :). Yay for quiet and getting things done.

  2. lovely image! love the blurry quality + colours!
    jandi recently posted..Our Adventure: Poole {II}My Profile

  3. I hope you find the balance and enjoy the season!
    Tamar recently posted..Green Goddess Kale SaladMy Profile

  4. Next week is Fall break for Cobb, and I couldn’t be more excited! 🙂
    Dina recently posted..DazzleMy Profile

  5. I think its the beginning of a new school year and all the changes that come with it. Busy with our children and keeping up with all they have to do on top of our own agenda. Balance will come…I hope. 🙂 Oh, and btw…I love that Starbucks Wednesday idea! Really cool way to make time for yourself. 🙂
    Lowanda J recently posted..This Summer I…My Profile

  6. I hear ya mama – it’s never ending. Love this shot- seems like you have mastered film.
    Gina recently posted..Creamy Mac and CheeseMy Profile

  7. Balance? Hmmm…whoever thought of that phrase? We are in still in the throes of landscaping and arranging our new home, so there doesn’t seem to be any time to just sit and ponder. I’m trying really hard to set aside time for writing and reading, and I’ve managed to do that for a couple of hours on occasional days when I’m not obligated to be out. It’s still hot in Texas, so fall isn’t really upon us as yet.
    Linda Kay recently posted..Tall Fence, Short FenceMy Profile

  8. It seems that the last quarter of the year is indeed the busiest of times. Things are settling down just a bit here for us, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I wish we had a Starbucks close to us that I could escape to. Glad you will be able to make some time for yourself. Beautiful flowers!
    Mitzi recently posted..Soon It will be WinterMy Profile

  9. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way. Thought this fall would be really laid-back and it’s become more busy than I could have imagined. My respite is doing what you’re doing–sneaking in little retreats here and there. I love that you go to a Starbucks on Wednesdays; what a nice little treat to look forward to each week! Take care…
    Jennie recently posted..Consume Less, Create MoreMy Profile

  10. I hear you! I’ve often found myself waiting for “normal” life to return, but lately I’ve realized this chaos is my normal life.

    I love your idea of escaping on a weekly basis – I really need to implement this in my life!
    Jill Foley recently posted..Back to SchoolMy Profile

  11. Gorgeous image. The first days of school … chaos reigns … for awhile … Enjoy Tuesday Eve!
    Snap recently posted..Unfortunately, Fall Didn’t Last Very LongMy Profile

  12. Seems there’s always new challenges as our children get older, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find “more” time and energy… despite all that, I like that you say “it’s OK” because you know deeply that everything will be fine. I need to approach the stress I encounter like that… just saying it makes me feel better 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Rentrée and the First Signs of FallMy Profile

  13. I think, like those high wire walkers, we find balance for a bit, then get tilt a bit, adjust and find it again. It’s one of those proverbial moving targets…that keeps us on our toes!! I find it interesting how many things in my life that are, in reality, just “want tos” become “have tos” in my head and cause that tilt to be more intense than it might otherwise have to be. Alas. Always learning, right?! I have a nephew that just started college who followed a very similar path to your girl….home schooled exclusively until high school and then they found some different combinations of home and public school that brought him through to his graduation. Very good path for him, and I’m believing your girl will flourish in much the same way!! GREAT idea for that Weds night alone time – I associate my Paris cafe time with those busy years….most definately my port in the storms of business!
    Adrienne recently posted..Of Vines and MotherhoodMy Profile

  14. Beautiful flowers. Maybe it’s just me but I always think the flowers are the prettiest just before the colder season sets in. It’s like they are showing off for the last hurrah. Thanks foe sharing.

  15. Lovely photo! Enjoy your quiet time!
    Cathy recently posted..Bee In the AstersMy Profile

  16. I have to laugh…I have no explanation for the occurance, but I too suffer from the “I SHOULD have more free time” phenomenon too. I keep thinking it should get better, but yet…it doesn’t.

  17. Yes, I think balance does exist. Keep striving for it! 2+ hours at starbucks to create – what a blessing! Have a great week!
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . travelers by airMy Profile

  18. I can’t speak of fall, but I have posted about my first spring flowers here in the southern hemisphere.

    Your photo is so pretty. I’m sorry things aren’t going as you planned, but the curveballs in my household this year are just viewed as a new adventure!
    bettyl-NZ recently first tulipMy Profile

  19. I’m like you… It feels like I have so much on my plate at the moment: new school year, prep for J going to middle school next year, but what’s taking up much of my time and effort right now is the home reno. Yes, ‘me’ moments are definitely needed to unwind (yay for the 2 hours you have weekly at Starbucks!). I have my weekly hike (followed by lunch!) with a friend, so that helps.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..A Bit OverwhelmedMy Profile

  20. Well…. those 2 hour Starbucks night is about as much balance as I need!!! That sounds awesome!!!!

  21. Two hours to myself at Starbucks sounds like heaven!
    Mama Zen recently posted..Polka DotsMy Profile

  22. That’s an idea… I haven’t even thought about doing that, I mean just going to e.g. Starbucks for an hour or two to have it completely to myself. Hmm, must ponder that. Then again, I cannot really complain. My problem is rather all the time away from home, spent at work. Which, of course, is good, too , but.. you said it – BALANCE And a lot of it is really in our own mind, how we see, perceive it.
    Good luck finding or getting back yours, Kim!

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