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Today is day 4 of our new school year and so far, things have gone extremely well Β It’s always a blessing to get through the first few days with not one kid crying over work. In fact, our little Jasper told me last night that he felt so much better now that school has started Β I wasn’t super sure what he meant, but at the same time I knew exactly what he meant.

Routine is a friend.

beginning of school week 2015

Sure, summer can be a great refresher of souls, but it has an expiration date. Too much and it starts to stink. I get that, and it was true for me as it was for him. The kids have had nothing but praise for their new endeavors, which is a balm to this weary Mama’s heart.

Weary. Yes, weary. The weeks before school began were intense with working. Not only did I have to wrap up summer activities and plan school, but I also had a huge editing project to finish. Two actually. My brain really started to melt from computer time. This explains why I have only posted phone shots here lately. I could not edit one more thing at the time. I’m actually giving myself the freedom to not edit personal work for a couple weeks, or until I feel up to it again. Whichever comes first.

I’m seeking to live more mindfully. I was feeling more robot than human over the summer. So, I made some changes. I’m waking earlier, which sounds counter intuitive. Hello 5:45 A.M.

It’s helping me focus my heart, soul, and mind at the beginning of the day before the fray begins. School is over by 1:30 P.M. The house is clean. I’ve exercised. Meals are served. Tasks are completed. And, I’ve gotten some rest time to just enjoy before doing it all over again. That’s a huge bonus because I really stink at the rest thing.

I’m still behind on blogging due to the projects I was working on, but my plan is to carve out time on Saturdays to blog for the week rather than freaking out the night before trying to pull something together. My blogging needs to reflect authenticity of life not scrambling to post. Now that school is back, I don’t think there will be a lack of things going on with all the new horizons and all.

Well, I hope you all are enjoying your remaining summer or are enjoying the first weeks of school routines. Drop a line and let me know!

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  1. I am not looking forward to summer being over…fortunately we have another couple of weeks before we start. Glad your first days are going so well.

  2. Oh yeah, routine is the biggest friend of autistic people.. and I think, it helps the others too.
    I like the quiet fresh hours in the morning, the day is still new and I can do many things.
    In the evening I’m often to tired to be successful. I had times in my life, were I’ve standing up at 4 am…
    Have a good time πŸ™‚
    Mascha recently posted..Open communicationMy Profile

  3. Happy that you’re feeling better – that’s even more important than our situation changing:) My comment from last week – well you can thank the one who knows all things. I woke up with it – I immediately jotted it down – still in my PJ – and when I came to someone’s blog, I just copied my notes and pressed post comment:) I was stoked about it!
    Jesh StG recently posted..SOUTHERN or NORTHERN LIFE STYLEMy Profile

  4. I love to have a good routine πŸ™‚ my children have 3 more weeks off school.

    Thanks for hosting ,,
    Claire recently posted..Hoe Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

  5. I know exactly how little Jasper feels. Joe has a new work schedule…..nights! Which means that my morning time is spent with him coming home and being…well…there. It totally interferes with my alone with a cup of tea and the sunrise to reflect and have peace for the day time. It’s taking a lot of getting used to. I think I will have to carve that time out of the evenings now….but I am not an evening girl so it’s going to be difficult for me. I am glad you are getting into a routine at your place and feeling less frazzled. I am ready for school to start as well but we have another 3 weeks. And we don’t even have the boys all the time!
    a spirit of simplicity recently posted..13 augustMy Profile

  6. We’re already counting down to summer 2016. πŸ™‚ Hope it’s a great year for y’all!
    Dina recently posted..July via InstagramMy Profile

  7. Yay for routine and things being back to a good place. Hope this only continues!
    Tamar SB recently posted..Botanical Gardens VisitMy Profile

  8. I’m so thrilled to hear that things are coming together & you are finding a grove. Yes rising that early can stink – but I have found that I actually look forward to it. I know that no one else will be up at 5 & I can enjoy the peace to think clearly. I cherish it.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    Gina recently posted..Peanut Butter & Jelly ArepasMy Profile

  9. I can’t believe you start back to school so early. We have just arrived in the USA for a 3 week holiday as my kids don’t go back until September

    Molly recently posted..Day 225 – WatcherMy Profile

  10. Hi Kim,
    New to Little Things Thursday. I personally am a creature of habit, so I can understand routine. Have a great day!
    Sherrie recently posted..LITTLE THINGS THRUSDAY…..My Profile

  11. Routine, structure, habit are my happy spot. This summer has been hectic, exhausting, trying, frustrating, and my creativity and relaxation and blogging has taken a big hit. Personally I am ready to have the last kiddo off to school so that I can resume at least a portion of that comfort. Love having them home, but at a certain age, 24/7 gets on everyone’s nerves.
    Nicki recently posted..little.things.thursday | reminder …My Profile

  12. Hi there, I am new to Little Things Thursday but now i’ve found it I am sure i will participate each week.
    I agree with Nikki, I like routine and while I have enjoyed the Long summer(12 weeks) with the kids at home it is time for them to go back to school in 11 days time. They need it. Things run much more smoothly with the school routine and I hope the same for you.
    Ria recently posted..Little things Thursday- The baby birdsMy Profile

  13. If I can wake up that early, I would definitely want to start my day earlier. I find myself so much more productive when all is quiet. Glad to hear that you are back in the groove. πŸ™‚

    I hear you on editing personal photos… not because I don’t want to, but I am having some problem with the nerves on my hand/wrist/arm, so I have to take it easy on the computer for a bit.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..Old QuebecMy Profile

  14. Glad to hear that the kids transitioned smoothly. Hope the rest of the year goes as smoothly. Waking early to center yourself is a good thing. Take care.
    Lowanda J recently posted..July Via InstagramMy Profile

  15. My grandkids will be returning to Texas sometime this week/weekend because school begins for them on the 24th. I think they are somewhat excited about returning home and school. Routine is so important for children and so even throughout their summer visit, I have kept things as much routine as possible, with some random spontaneity thrown in for good measure.
    Mitzi recently posted..The End of a Memorable SummerMy Profile

  16. I think a lot of kids don’t like to admit they miss school – everyone needs a break, but it is good to get back to a regular routine.

  17. I still remember way back when, secretly, I looked forward to the new school year after summer vacation. Although summer vacation in Germany are only 6 weeks.
    I am definitely enjoying our remaining summer. In fact it seems warmer than ever – love it! Went bicycling, having breakfast and dinner on the balcony (on weekends) – life how I like it.
    Getting up a little earlier can go a long way. I did that last year and went jogging before work – that was great. This year, well, is all a bit messed up as you know. But – getting better. Hope yours is getting better, too!
    Claudia recently posted..Of birds and flowersMy Profile

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