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Welcome back to Little Things Thursday. Once again, the week has gotten away from me. We’ve been in Back to School prep mode here. Yep, we are one of those weird states that goes back to school in early August.

So, we’ve been spending our days shopping for pencils and notebooks. The school room has been tidied and I’m fiercely guarding it lest someone musses it up. I think I’ve said, “Touch nothing” several times. Our big haul of books arrives today, I hope! Nothing like 4 days to go to dig into the curriculum. It’s not my first time at the rodeo with either the 3rd or 5th grade programs, so it should be old hat. Gracyn doesn’t officially start her hybrid school until after Labor Day, but she does have a paper due the very first day. It is a comparison paper in which she will compare Pride and Prejudice with a book she read last year…TBD. She will work on this while the boys are in school.

august 5 2015

New bedding was a surprise this week. I rolled over in bed one night and heard the sheets rip. They weren’t super old, but ripped nonetheless. And any old excuse to update everything would do, so I did. I just love neutrals, and went that direction. I love the calm of a simple color palate.

Gracyn is back on Doggie Day Care duty with Harls. Harley’s mom is a teacher and has already gone back to work, so we get to play a bit with this guy during the school year. Our Pomston, Rosie, is sweet on him. Harley acts nonplussed, but he enjoys her attention.

And finally, Curly Sue decided to let the hair stylist flat iron her hair for kicks. She looks so pretty, but we love her curls, too. She is looking like a 9th grader here and I’m not sure I like that too much. This year is definitely going to be one of many transitions, but I have faith that it will be good.

How’s the rest of your summer shaping up?

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  1. We are in school prep mode here too but we start the 31st -back to our tradition of starting school after Blessing’s birthday. I do like her hair straight but am surprised it stayed that way with our high humidity here. Yes I am in the same state you are but further south-/S/a/v/a/n/n/a/h.

    Harls is cute.

  2. Mine still have a month off school. Lovely pictures, Sue’s hair looks lovely 🙂

    Thanks for hosting..
    Clairejustine oxox (Clairejustineoxox) recently posted..Little Thing’s Thursday : Mollie…My Profile

  3. Good luck with the last bits of prep! G looks great with the straight hair!
    Tamar Strauss-Benjamin recently posted..Hamilton FallsMy Profile

  4. We’re full of transitions here too. It’ll be the first time in seven years the girls have gone to school. Lots’ of big emotions for this new season. What a beautiful learning room! I love the bunting 🙂 Doggie daycare has to be the best job ever. What a sweet face 🙂

  5. Lots of excitement around there, Mama!!
    Dina recently posted..The Great UnknownMy Profile

  6. It sounds like things are shaping up for an exciting year. I had sheets rip once too! I thought it was hilarious. Rebecca

  7. She looks very pretty but I have always wanted curls so I am envious of her beautiful hair in that regard

    Molly recently posted..Day 218 – Medicine TimeMy Profile

  8. Oh yes – that happened to us with our sheets. Had them like 6 months – had to make an update when they basically disintegrated. But it’s nice to refresh & update.

    LOVE Gracyn’s hair – sooooo pretty. I love seeing her – however it makes me sad we are so far apart.

    Love & hugs my friend –
    Gina recently posted..Peanut Butter MilkshakeMy Profile

  9. Kim, I need to make a note of this meme, as I keep forgetting about it. I guess the ripping of sheets makes for the need for new ones. Are you sure you didn’t make that happen? ;-))
    Linda Kay recently posted..Shore Path FencesMy Profile

  10. It is great to hear such positive words today, Kim, at least that is how they sound to me. Homeschooling – since I have lived here in the US and am blogging I have come across this often. I had never really heard of it before. Seriously. Well, then again I don’t have kids, unfortunately, oh well. Your schoolroom looks real good though. Hope you’re having a wonderful last weekend before school starts again 🙂
    Claudia recently posted..Link up or no link upMy Profile

  11. I love Gracyn’s hair, I am curly and love when I have my hair styled straight, such a difference. We are in winter here in Perth, Western Australia but we are finalising our plans to have Christmas in Europe, a Rhine River cruise and 5 weeks visiting the Christmas markets from France, Germany, Austria, Budapest and Prague. Until then, its just work to pay our way.

  12. Goodness! Your daughter sure is pretty! 🙂

  13. where’d the summer go?!

  14. That back to school rush is upon us all! Your daughter looks so pretty and I know its tough to see her growing up so fast before your eyes, but she looks like a very good girl! 🙂
    Lowanda J recently posted..Happy Days Are Here AgainMy Profile

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