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Hello, strangers.  Well, that’s how it feels since I have had to pull back on blogging the last week or so.  I can only keep up with one post a week right now, but thank you for still connecting here, meanwhile. I’m trying to give myself permission to take care of all the pressing things so I can get back to a regular routine soon. I’ve gotta have it together by a week from Monday, so I’m almost there.

I’ve been swamped with preparing for our new school year, and working my photography business.  I’m just in a stage where the devil is in the details. I just need those around me to say that it is okay for these things to take time to complete. I can be such a hamster on a wheel. I forget that most things are a process and not a run into the ground race.

Enough about that though, because I have a girl to celebrate! Yesterday, Gracyn turned 14! I could lament the years here, but you moms already know. It goes quickly.

And she got a phone.




She’s pretty pleased about the phone situation. We’ve been one of the last hold out parents of kids her age. There are still a few others, but we were definitely in the minority. I don’t regret waiting, but feel that now is the time with high school on the very near horizon. I just need to be able to reach my kid.  It’s more for me than her. So, it’s definitely a little thing bringing much happiness around here. Her dad and I are cool after all.

How’s your week going, friends?

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  1. Gracyn is a beauty. You may want to lock her up for about 6 years. Just kidding! Looks like she is having a wonderful 14th birthday. Hope you find some refreshing moments in the next week while you gear up for school!
    Sharon recently posted..Looking for Green FieldsMy Profile

  2. Lovely series! Best wishes for her 🙂
    (I never had a phone, but I understand, that it is important and needed for most peolpe
    Have nevertheless any quiet resting hours
    Mascha recently posted..RememberMy Profile

  3. The phone thing starts early. A friend of mines daughter was bullied because at 9 she did not have one. My blessing is 11 and a few months ago someone asked her if she had one. To her credit she answered “No” in a tone that said “That’s ridiculous.”

    Her birthday is next month and she has been talking about getting her ears pierced. In fact she has been talking about it on and off for a few months now. I am not opposed but my husband told her there is no rush. In other words he does not want her to do it yet, so we wait.

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    Jandi recently posted..ElephantsMy Profile

  5. Wow…14! Soooo exciting!!
    Dina recently posted..Sunshiny SmilesMy Profile

  6. Oh she will love her new phone. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Have a wonderful day!
    Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines recently posted..Little Big Things ThursdayMy Profile

  7. Oh a very happy birthday to her! She reminds me so much of my older girl – who will turn 15 this Dec. I think they would be the best of friends. Same sweetness, same morals – hard to find that these days. Shame they are so far apart……& us too for that matter.

    Gina recently posted..Almond Joy SorbetMy Profile

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter and happy “birthing day” to you!!! We used to celebrate our birthdays by taking Mom out to dinner when we were older and “wiser(?)” Also, so proud you are a “hold-out” parent. I have children who are parents just like you!!! Proud of them, too. Wishing you well and have a grand day!
    Cathy recently posted..2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt IIIMy Profile

  9. A big happy birthday to Gracyn! A phone, wow, that’s a big deal! Don’t blame you for holding off as long as possible. I think we’ll take the same approach. 🙂

  10. Fourteen is often still good when you raised them well. It’s the coming years that they start to assert their independence – but I don’t want to spoil your day. She looks like a sweet fourteen year old girl:)
    Jesh StG recently posted..FRIENDS WALK TOGETHERMy Profile

  11. 14 is not such an easy age. I think you did the right thing getting her a phone. It’s sort of important to feel like you belong at that age. I know, I know…..they have to understand what’s really important…Still though….it’s a good thing to feel cool when you are a 14 year old girl.

  12. Thanks for commenting on my blog about friendships. Sorry you had to go through that. It is so disappointing. The mom of one of my best friends had a great measure stick for close relationships: “after 6 months that is when people’s “peculiarities” (a friendly word for issues:) ) start to show up.” I tried it out (long time ago) and it helps not to go head over heels into any relationship before those 6 months are over!
    Jesh StG recently posted..FRIENDS WALK TOGETHERMy Profile

  13. Thank you everyone!
    Kim recently posted..Little Things ThursdayMy Profile

  14. A very happy (belated) birthday to Gracyn! I totally get that the phone is more for you than your daughter,… but now both mama and daughter are happy 🙂 I love her Captain America t-shirt. Wishing you all a smooth transition into the upcoming school year…
    Catherine recently posted..a Simpler LifeMy Profile

  15. Happy belated birthday, Gracyn! What a cool gift (the phone and the cool parents who gave it to you) 😉
    My kids would definitely have a phone, too, by the time that high school is around the corner, so, no worries.
    And, pssst, I’ve been contemplating dropping down to one post a week as well. Currently it just seems to be such a chore to keep up blogging. Don’t get me wrong – I am totally loving my awesome little community, but… oh well, there will be other times. I believe in that.

  16. What a beautiful smile!
    Linda, Shenandoah Valley recently posted..Piggy SquirrelMy Profile

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