Little Things Thursday

I had planned to have something more exciting to post today, but life hit us in the bumper.  We got in a little fender bender this afternoon and it threw a wrench in my plans for getting anything else accomplished.

But we are okay! We just need a new bumper, and that bumper will be paid for by the at fault driver.

G at church-blog

As I picked up Gracyn from Youth Group, I saw this little pocket of light and made her go sit in it because I desperately needed something to post for Little Things. And the light was lovely.

Of course she kept looking over my shoulder to see if her friends were watching.  I mean it is embarrassing to have your mom take your photo in front of people. Especially teen type people.

In the end it’s the perfect post because life is a series of little events.  Some of those things we celebrate and others maybe not so much.  But the good and the bad are the make up of life and we gotta take them both.

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  1. What a luck, that no more is happened!
    “A little pocket of light” – thats nice says. I’m still learning English and often wonder and discover small linguistic beauties…
    Well used this pocket of light in your photo.
    Enjoy your time 🙂
    Mascha recently posted..Someday…My Profile

  2. Oh no! Hope it gets sorted soon! And your daughter is very cooperative for a teen type!
    jandi recently posted..Graffiti {1}My Profile

  3. Glad you’re all ok and it’s a minor fix!!
    Gorgeous picture of Gracyn!
    Tamar recently posted..Peabody Essex MuseumMy Profile

  4. Oh, no…never a fun experience. So glad y’all are okay!
    Dina recently posted..Independent SpiritMy Profile

  5. Well that stinks -I’m so sorry to hear about that. But glad you are okay & were still in the mindset to capture this image. She’s so gorgeous Kim!
    Gina recently posted..Monkey Pudding PopsMy Profile

  6. I love that you’ve captured your real life teenage girl, on just a regular day. Very fun. So glad your fender will be covered!

  7. It is so nice when they cooperate! Lovely.

  8. I think I can say that they joy in your photo reflects you true optimism…even when you could choose frustration you clearly chose beauty and calm in the end. Have a grand day! Cathy
    Cathy recently posted..Skylar, American KestsralMy Profile

  9. Sometimes those unassuming moments grab us by surprise and bless us greatly. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Hill recently posted..I Believe In God’s BlessingsMy Profile

  10. wonderful photo – I’m glad there was a good outcome – even happier your daughter was willing to pose for you . . .

  11. Hey Kim!!! good thing it was just a bumper thing, and as I always say… if you can pay it with money is cheap!
    And your daughter,… she always amazes me with her sweet ways, love her smile!

  12. So glad everyone’s okay! You have a nack for finding the light 🙂
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . fledge day!My Profile

  13. Yes, perfection in his delightful smile!

  14. What a great attitude, and a lovely lady in your picture.

  15. Rhianna says:

    She’s such a beauty, and her countenance shows that the beauty is deep inside, too. Thankful your fender bender wasn’t worse and your perspective is good…

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