Kim Cunningham Photography

Welcome to Kim Cunningham Photography!  I am a South Atlanta area lifestyle photographer, and homeschooling mother to three.  My passion for photography began during my years living as a missionary in Thailand.  I spent eight years overseas working as well as beginning and completing my family there. Because that time was so unique, I took many pictures trying to bottle up all the memories and experiences.  Moments are fleeting and if we don’t capture them right away, we lose them to time.  How I have often wanted to stop the clock to savor time!  That’s what photography does. Portraits capture the moments and details that we in treasure our hearts. Portraits are an investment in posterity, a way of looking into the past. My passion is to capture people in the everyday moments. I am a natural light, portrait and lifestyle photographer. I love capturing the simple, natural moments of time. Tomorrow we are all just a little different than we are today. That’s why it is important to capture our moments now.  Let me help you capture time and the people you treasure most!

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