Kids Live Here

The evidence is all around. 24/7/52. My inner neat freak wrestles, but my mama’s heart takes comfort in the reminders of their presence.

They are still gonna have to clean this up, though.

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

Except monkey. This one I love.

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  1. The open drawers! My dad made me close them all the time as a kid and now I can’t stand to see an open cabinet door or drawer! Love the sweet monkey!!
    Tamar SB recently posted..Song-osity: Snowy DayMy Profile

  2. Let me guess –was it one of the boys who left the drawers pulled out like that? Around here, it’s J and my hubby. I’m forever closing closet doors and shutting drawers after them.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..Happy WednesdayMy Profile

  3. eh, could be worse. 🙂 I understand the need for occasional order, though!

  4. Open drawers, right I remember my baby brothers leaving them like that. Obviously it’s a hint they came.

  5. The wonderful chaos of a normal family. so lovely.
    Karen recently posted..Black and White WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Hi Kim! This is my first time stopping by…love your photography. I wish I could borrow your skill for my blog!

  7. Wonderful b&w photos!
    My b&w post at:

  8. Oh, those open drawers! I love the chaos and mess of kids in the house. When my daughter would visit from Los Angeles she would often lug her laundry. We would have clothes hanging all over and lots of noise and life. She’s flown here to visit from Kansas but can’t bring her laundry on the plane :). Enjoy these fun years!!!
    Sharon recently posted..Walking a Narrow PathMy Profile

  9. evidence you are all alive!

  10. kids – gotta love them!

  11. Oh yes… You can totally spot a house with kids from the mess and the laughs!
    Barbara recently posted..:: WatW :: a SUNDAY in the SNOW.My Profile

  12. My “rule” was consideration in common places – keep the places we share picked up. They got much more leeway in their own rooms – even when they shared … as long as they agreed on a messiness tolerance level! I found a “big” weekly bedroom clean up was more effective than day to day keeping on top of them. But then I’m not exactly a clean freak – so my tolerance level is pretty high!
    Adrienne recently posted..In case you haven’t heard…My Profile

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