January in a Nutshell

I’ve been on a mission this January to find the good of normally gray, glum days. January can be a bit of a drag, to me.

But not this year.
january 2016-blog1 january 2016-blog2 january 2016-blog3 january 2016-blog4

And though we aren’t quite out of the month yet, I’d say that January has been good to us! We’ve had sunny days more than not, I think!

We’ve enjoyed creature comforts like warm soups, savory pot pies, hot chocolate teaming with marshmallows, and Funfetti cupcakes.

I saw a few snowflakes the day before I turned 44. I’ve always wished for snow on my birthday.  This was pretty darn close. And a bit hilarious when you see the “accumulation”.

I’m really thankful for the good that I found, but honestly, I’m learning that it’s all about fixing your eyes to see the good before you.

If you look for it, you will surely find it!

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  1. What a great month it’s been! Hope #44 is off to a great start!!

  2. Love this January gallery of yours! 🙂 Love especially the up middle photo! So beautiful.
    Looking back after every month is one of my favorite things. I do it every time and will be putting up my monthly collage in few days.

  3. Certainly a great month – I love that you had a dusting of snow for your birthday – that’s special!!!

  4. “fixing your eyes to see the good before you” – love that!!

    I really do believe this is true…the other day my husband was complaining about how rainy and gray January has been and I was just thinking the opposite. I’ve seen blue skies many times, flowers (weeds) blooming, colorful birds and so much more. I’d rather put forth the effort to see the good than sit back and wallow in the blah.

  5. a beautiful month! happy birthday too! <3 there is beauty and good all around us…

  6. Kim, no doubt in mind that seeking out the good things, you will find them. The opposite is also true. So it’s all in your view.

  7. Glad to hear your January was nice to you. My second half of the month did not play nice… 2 coughing kids. Also, I wish I had the will to photograph more… There were times I had to really restrain myself from over posting… 🙁
    Ramona recently posted..Tired of WinterMy Profile

  8. I so agree with your mindset Kim. It does look like January has been good to you.

  9. Happy birthday to you, Kim! May this year be filled with good things from our Father, and may you have joy.

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