Guest Post by Kim Stevens


“People don’t watch enough. They think. It’s not the same thing.” – Henri-Cartier Breson


I’m wondering, if I asked you if you’ve discovered anything about yourself through

your photography, what would your answer be? More importantly, I wonder,

have you given any thought to this?


I’ve been finding through my journey in photography that no matter how much I

think I know about myself there is always room to learn more. For me photography

has turned out to be more than a technique with a learning curve, it aids in my personal

growth as well. Its become more about the experience than the actual photograph itself.

In fact, I recently had a revelation in that my camera as a tool, unlike any other medium

I’ve tried allows me to create with abandon and without fear.


The above quote is so true, so simple, and yet so profound. When we are thinking

we are putting our mind to work. When we are watching we are being receptive and

allowing ourselves to see what happens, opening ourselves up to possibilities. Possibilities

that say yes, and to seeing others and to expanding our own vision where we may not

have seen before.


Sometimes the very things we are meant to experience go on without us because

we’re so busy thinking instead of just being. And when we are just being and observing,

we are experiencing. When we are experiencing something fully and immersed in

the moment  . . . we are living. And I believe it’s in the living part that we truly begin

to see and discover ourselves and the world around us.


P.S.- The significance of the photo I chose to share with you here today . . . instead of

thinking, I reacted to the beautiful foggy morning, grabbed my camera and headed to

a park. The fog had blanketed every spider web with dew and they were everywhere,

hundreds of them, in the trees and the grass. It was a reminder of all the little things

that go on around me that I can’t always see.


A warm thank you to you Kim, for allowing me to occupy your lovely space for the day!!

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  1. Kim, this was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your amazing thoughts and gorgeous photo with us!! recently posted..It’s so fluffy!My Profile

  2. The web is beautiful, lovely post!
    tinajo recently posted..Can´t get enough of this song right now..!My Profile

  3. I love that photo Kim, as soon as I clicked her it made me smile. Photography has opened doors for me and after I got my macro lens it was like I entered into another world entirely. I love seeing details I would otherwise miss either with the nakes eye or simply but not looking. It’s not always about the perfect image but the journey you find youself on with camera in hand. It’s like waking up. :0)

  4. Well done, Kim … and Kim! So happy to see my “sister” Kim Stevens featured here, she’s such a inspiration.

  5. I just love this post Kim Stevens! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! It was a treat!
    Kim recently posted..Guest Post by Kim StevensMy Profile

  6. Lovely photo and words! Photography is teaching me to watch. With camera in hand, I really look and see. Without camera, I’m so unobservant. Photography opens the world to me and helps me focus. Thank you for your post, Kim!
    Sharon recently posted..Rail Trail JourneyMy Profile

  7. Wonderful shot. Heart stirring quote. And a great read. You’ve put words to feelings I’ve had this past year or so. Leaving my head is one of the hardest things for me – and somehow a “date” with my camera does it for me every time. I loose track of time. See and experience things I never would have otherwise. Thanks so much for sharing your heart!
    Adrienne recently posted..Black & White Wednesday: SnowMy Profile

  8. Kim – I love the photo… feel like I’m looking through the lens and trying to see what’s out there. Your words are so true. I wish I’d realized the difference when I was young, but maybe that’s not to be – that we are only to find our wisdom in later years. I’ve been finding through meditation as well as internally telling myself to “be quiet” and listen, study, focus that I am experiencing life so much more fully.

    Hope all is well.
    Janet Bocciardi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – California Sea Lions Soaking up the SunMy Profile

  9. I am love with this picture and the quote is perfect. I continue to discover new things through my photography…discovering the little things that make my days beautiful.

  10. Beautiful- it’s so true. I have been saying this a lot lately that photography really helps one to slow down & see life in a different way.
    Gina recently posted..Simple Valentine WreathMy Profile

  11. So true! I am guilty of not slowing down often enough. But, I agree, when I look through my lens I feel more at peace and more connected to myself and the world around me. And I am always more alert (even without my camera in hand), watching and viewing the world through a new frame. Photography has helped me to be more connected. What a gift!
    Serendipity is Sweet recently posted..WW- A Picnic in the WoodsMy Profile

  12. One of the things I love about photography is that it has taught me to see…to look not just at big moments but small ones as well…to see grand beauty and little glories…to slow down and see where the light is coming from…how it is framing or shaping a subject as ordinary as an egg on my counter.
    Marty recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

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