Checks and Balances

This little season I’m in is a series of checks and balances.  For every little struggle there has been some small happy to make everything more bearable.

There is so much busy currently.  All of it is a good kind of busy, but coming at a time when I’m trying to field a lot of real life.

First week of march instagrams

Like participating in a week of food events when you just realized you needed to change your diet to eliminate gluten.  Or perhaps trying to figure out a plan for the child that needs more math help, and with that the expenses of tutoring.  Not to mention the braces that the same child needs that come with a massive price tag because her situation is unique, not just cosmetic.  Then there is the process of building a business while you homeschool and run a home.  And knowing that this process isn’t for a hobby, but for being able to work at something you love without having to “go back to work”.

It’s an overwhelming time.

First week of march instagrams

But those balances come.

They come in the form of an early spring daffodil.  Or by way of the far away friend making sure you know you have value.  And then doing it all over again 24 hours later with a treat from far away.  It’s in the bun you can eat at a restaurant and the helpers who come to aid you in the kitchen at church for an event.  It’s your daughter snagging the flag of her birth in the parade of flags.  The gluten free pretzels that cost $6, but make you feel human.   It’s in taking your children to the Asian market and watching them ooh and ahh over old favorites.

It’s in a 1000 little things.  If you look.

It’s also in knowing that none of us own all the problems in the world and we are all just doing life.  The best we can.  Struggles, disappointments, and hardships are part of being human.

But so is joy.

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  1. Ohhh yummy, yummy pretzels


  2. I love that – “we are all just doing life. The best we can” – so do the best that you can and keep smiling through life’s ups and downs. Have a wonderful week, and thank you fro stopping by my blog today.

  3. Tamar Strauss-Benjamin says:

    Glad you’ve figured out it’s gluten – there are so many options today you’ll do great!

    Good luck with the tutoring and braces – big oy. Do you know of sites like IXL or mangahigh – they cost some money but are great sites to track in math!

  4. Seriously Kim, you have to so stop living my life…
    Wow, I am so here and there right now. One day at a time right?!

  5. kim at picking poppies says:

    I so loved this – yes, doing the best I can to do life too – but there are days like today that the financial burden of having a chronically ill child takes its toll (We got our bill for his first infusion of the year – $14,000 – yes you read that right, and after insurance adjustments we still owe $3,000 of that) I just feel a little defeated today…sigh!

  6. Oh yes- I hear you. After just going through the expense of one in braces- I have been told that the other 2 should have them too. I was not expecting that. Big fat bummer for sure.

    Oh I know I have said it many times – but I wish we were closer in proximity so that we could be physically present to help each other. So many things we go through are so similar- just know I am here for you as best I can be. I understand my friend!! Hugs.
    Gina recently posted..Irish Apple CakeMy Profile

  7. rebecca says:

    I’m glad you have had the happy balancing moments too! Rebecca

  8. Buckeroomama says:

    So true. Lovely post, Kim.

    If you have not already done so, check out <a href="; Khan Academy. There are plenty of math ‘lessons’ there that are explained very clearly and simply and their exercises are fun to do. The kids get to earn badges and it just gets them to continue exploring and learning to earn more.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..B by Sarah KayMy Profile

  9. Life does get that way sometimes…Glad you’re finding some gems amidst the rough though!
    Jade @ Tasting Grace recently posted..Scenes From My WeekMy Profile

  10. Kimberly says:

    I hear ya! Lots of little things here too! I’m on a quest to eliminate gluten also, so maybe we could help each other out? I haven’t advertised that I’m doing that yet, just giving it a try to see if it helps with some chronic symptoms I always seem to be dealing with. Keep looking for the bright side!

  11. oh dear girl, I hear you! I would tell you to lean a bit more on Jesus this week, but I know you are. All things will work themselves out . . . as is the way . . .I’ve added you to my prayers tonight!
    Tiaras & Tantrums recently posted..Little ViolinistMy Profile

  12. You have such a gift with words, my friend…and I really appreciate your transparency. Know that you and your family are always in my prayers. XO!

  13. Checks and balances! Yes!!! It’s so important to keep everything in perspective. Beautiful post!!! By the way I don’t see your Little things Thursday link – trying to get back into the swing of things and I would love to link up. xoxo, Lisa
    Lisa@Advent’s Adventures recently posted..Day 2 . . . GratitudeMy Profile

  14. Thankful you are being provided with encouragement in the midst of challenges and struggles. It takes such a conscious effort to look for them at times, those little gifts for which to be grateful.

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