Soak it up

It’s not having what you want

It’s wanting what you’ve got

Nikon FM 10

Fuji Superia 400 on Nikon FM 10

I’m gonna soak up the sun

Even when it’s cloudy, drizzly, and cold.

Kitty gets it.

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Little Things Thursday

It’s amazing how much change can occur within just a few weeks.  My kids have been longing for warm days to play outside.

Minolta SRT 101

Fuji Superia 400 on Minolta SRT

Not only has spring arrived in full force, but lately it seems summer has as well. Cool days have turned to near 90 degrees.  The kids are hot, sweaty, dirty, and happy.

My garden has been planted and new plans are being made for expansion.  I think everything feels life returning and it feels good to be physically tired at the day’s end from activity.

These little things are restoring us this week.

What’s restoring you?


Film Friday

Happy Good Friday! We’ve got a big day today.  We (Gracyn) have an interview with her new hybrid school today at 11:00. She will be attending Konos Academy next year and this is our final step in the process.  We parents get interviewed and she gets tested. We are looking forward to finalizing the steps for our rising 9th grader.

Meanwhile, since it is film Friday, how about a couple film shares?

Minolta SRT 101

Fuji Superia 400 on Minolta SRT 101

Nikon FM 10

Fuji Superia 400 on Minolta SRT 101

Maybe one of my kids will catch the bug.  He did say it was pretty cool to look in the view finder.

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Happy April! Something about April 1st makes me feel like we’ve truly made it past winter’s woes.  All the blooming, greening, and thunderstorms are making me want to just be out in the world.

Jasper on Fur-film-desaturated-web

Fuji Superia 400-Desaturated in Photoshop

Literally, I just want to be out with camera in hand honing and learning everything I can.  Reality is having a hard time keeping up with this desire.  But, I am making more room for doing it anyway.  I need it.

My current photographer crush is Jonathan Canlas.  His work is just so inspiring in it’s simplicity, and yet it is full of life. And the fact that it is 100% film makes me ache to perfect the film medium.  You won’t find over-edited work.  You just see photography that is pure.  It’s really inspiring. I said that already.

Normally, I wouldn’t desire to take a film image and desaturate it in Photoshop, but I haven’t opened my black and white film yet.  And I was desperate. 🙂 I need to start shooting tandem film and digital work, because the lull between shooting and developing has me scrambling for images to post!

I know I keep gushing about film lately, but I just have a serious crush on it right now, even though I am not where I want to be with it yet.  But, the journey with all its hills and valleys is really fun.

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Coming Home

I’m watching childhood repeat itself. I can remember the days of playing hard until the sun blazed low in the sky.

Minolta SRT 101

Fuji Superia 400 @ 200 on Minolta SRT 101.

Returning home dirty, disheveled, and happy was evidence of a day well-spent.

It’s their turn now.

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Film Friday

My 2nd and 3rd roll scans finally arrived after lunch.  I’ve been totally watching my email’s inbox all day. I was really anxious to see if these rolls had improved.  They did, overall.  I’m still having a little trouble with the focus ring on my Nikon FM 10.  It has a split screen for focusing that I’m not sure I love.  I’d rather eyeball it.  I feel I’m getting better focusing results on the Minolta SRT 101 where I can just trust my eye.

Any hoo… here are a couple faves.  I’m going to spread out my shares because I’m not quite ready to send off more rolls, just yet.

These were taken with two different film cameras and rated at different ISO.  I just big puffy heart film’s grain.

goofy grin

Nikon FM 10 with Fuji Superia 400 @ 400.


Minolta SRT 101 with Fuji Superia 400 @ 200

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Film Friday

So, one of my goals this year is to share film work on Fridays…thus Film Fridays.  This will be contingent on actually having scans in to share.

I have two more cheap test rolls going out today with some adjustments in my shooting.

This shot was on my first roll.


Fuji Superia 400 on Minolta SRT 101

While this isn’t exactly right, I still kind of love it. Maybe it’s Mommy Goggles.

One of the things I am learning about film vs. digital is that with film you often meter for the shadows. With digital, you are watching those highlights like a hawk. Blown highlights are a chief concern for digital shooters. Film, on the other hand, can handle blown highlights with a greater latitude. But, you don’t want muddy shadows.

This is a bit like driving in America, and then learning to drive in a foreign country. And then returning back to the States and getting behind the wheel. It takes a minute to figure out which way to go.

In this shot, I metered by light out of habit.  Had I metered for the shadows, his face would be more evenly exposed.  On top of that, I could have rated my film at 200 vs 400 to overexpose.

Now I know.  But, I am not discouraged by the mistake.  I am grateful for failures.

Failing is necessary and beneficial in this process. In any process, really.

And I still kind of like this flub because I can see what it could have been, and I think I know how to get there.

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Little Things Thursday

I received my first film scans yesterday! Overall, the collection was a great learning experience. I pretty much approached my first roll blindly since I wanted to see if the camera simply worked. I’m happy to say that it does. I do have a lot to learn, though. I’ve already applied some new principles to my second and third rolls of film that are still being used in my film cameras. So really, it will be my 4th roll that gets the applied feedback from the lab. I love that the lab will suggest some things to try for future rolls.  That’s pretty cool!

How about a couple raw shares?

All images shot with Fuji Superia 400 rated at 400. Camera: Minolta SRT 101 circa 1967.



Kind of bummed about this. I felt the shutter lock on this image and the result was an unintentional double exposure.


Confession: I did crop this one a little. This was the last frame and it wasn’t a full true frame. It was an extra squeeze in and thus had a black stripe on the right size. I just cropped that out.

Harley and Rosie

This film is cheap drugstore film. I don’t love it for skin tones. It did work well for outdoor scenery. I will use Portra 400 for portraits going forward. These were just test shots to run through the camera to see what happens and what needs adjusting. It was really fun to be surprised with these scans after all most two weeks of using up film and waiting for the lab. Film is definitely an adjustment, but such a fun creative way to shoot.  I’ll keep going!

What’s your little thing this week?

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