Little Things Thursday

Ok, these weeks are totally flying by lately. Can’t believe it is time for another round of Little Things Thursday, but I so look forward to this bright spot in the week.

You guys are so inspiring! I love being part of your week.

hibiscus 01-750

I’m still working on my spring break photos! GAH! There has just been a few moments in between being mom, taking on clients, and running a home to edit personal work.

But summer…summer is coming! I cannot wait. We are totally crawling to the finish line at this point.

Who else? Raise your hand.



Little Things Thursday

Happy Little Things Thursday! Hope you guys are having a great week. The weather is looking up here as we finally hit the 80’s and I think those temps may be here to stay!

In other words…basically summer. I couldn’t be happier about that.

In summer’s honor, beach photographs!

punta-gorda-florida-blog 02

punta-gorda-florida-blog 03

boy-in-water-in-punta-gorda-florida-mangrove 06-750


punta-gorda-florida-blog 01


I love these idyllic images that I can go back to when I need a little escape from reality, which may not be too far off in the end of the school year rush. 4 weeks til summer!

What are you shooting this week?


Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday, where we share our little moments of life through image and words. This week has been all about catching up and getting back into routines since spring break. Needless to say, I’m behind on last week’s blog entries. But. I will be going back to visit soon!

I still have a slew of photographs to edit this weekend from our trip. I’m looking forward to revisiting those shots because it has been gray and chilly here most of the week. Warm, sunny beaches are far better, in my opinion.

I’ve edited just one personal photograph.

Our family had just visited a replica exhibit on the water of the ships Nina and Pinta. We were surprised at how small they actually were. Afterwards, we drove over to Peace River Wildlife Center and found these mangroves. It’s funny because these beaches are what I would expect Columbus an his gang to wash up on. They just have that look. Or maybe caskets of rum and pirates, whichever.

boy-in-mangroves-punta-gorda-florida 02-750

The mangroves and quite beach nooks were serene and so enjoyable to explore. I have several photographs from our walk through this area, coming up soon!

How’s your week been?


Little Things Thursday

Stuff happens. Like when your daughter’s phone ends up in the washing machine…

Yep, that happened this week and became the reason I was able to do this for myself.

iphone 6s plus 01-750

Shameless plug included.

Thank goodness for an available upgrade which allowed me to give my daughter my iPhone 5s, and get the big Bertha for myself. Truth told, I needed to upgrade because my eyes at this age need to see everything in LARGE format. Amen? Amen.

It’s a win for far-sighted eye-strain sufferers everywhere.

What kind of stuff is happening this week for you?


Little Things Thursday

Welcome back Friends! I’m still working my way through last weeks links because of a big project this week.  That ended Wednesday night so I’m feeling a bit like this:

jasper jump 01-750

Our church’s annual mission conference dinner was Wednesday night and I was part of the team cooking West African food for 120 people. While it is a fun night, I always feel like jumping for joy when it is over. It takes two days of prepping, and cooking…and lots and lots of dish washing. I have a case of dishpan hands that even Palmolive can’t fix.

But alls well that ends well. After a good night’s rest and coffee this AM, I’ll be good as new.

Keep me company during my recovery with snippets from your week!

An InLinkz Link-up


Our House…

In the middle of our street…

girl working on homework 01-750

landscape drawing 01-750

boy on ipad with cracked screen 01-750

boy reading book on bed 01-750

pug asleep on window sun spot-01-750

boy in atlanta braves shirt 01-750

girl drinking iced coffee 01-750

boy on elliptical machine 01-750

pomston on bed 01-750

pug on stairs 01-750

…on a Tuesday morning…

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome Little Things Thursday Friends! So it is opening day for Music Man, my daughter’s school play today.  I’ve yet to get to take any photographs of anything musical related.

I hope to remedy that today between the day’s two shows.

tulips 01-750

So, my Valentine’s tulips will have to do…which reminds me that I need to pick up flowers for my daughter. She’s only rocking the chorus/town hall bits, but getting flowers on opening night is a must, regardless of the part.

The first curtain goes up at 4:30!

What’s going on in your corner of the world? 


Little Things Thursday

It’s been a solid week of constant driving and play rehearsals around here.  I’ve already put in 6 hours in the car by Wednesday, so there hasn’t been much time for much else.

Everyone is a little tired, and afternoon downtime is a treasure to behold.

after rehearsal 02-750

Tomorrow, the kids head over to the theater for their first stage rehearsal and with just a week to go before the curtains go up for the opening night. This Pick-A-Little Lady is has put in some hours rehearsing songs and staging the numbers.

We are looking forward to seeing it all come together.  I’ve purposely held off listening to any of the songs or reading any lines because I want the experience to be fresh when we finally see it.

How’s your week?



Senoia Coffee Cafe with the Boys

This past Friday the boys and I decided to go for a hot chocolate date during the hour my daughter spends in math tutoring.  I realized that an hour spent pent up in the car, in a packing lot, was just not a good fit for two active boys. Furthermore, two bored and ansty boys are not a good fit for this Mama.  Know what I mean?

We have a couple fun outings nearby that we can totally see in a hour. This week it was the Senoia Coffee Cafe, also known by Hollywood as Woodbury Coffee House.

senoia-coffee-shop-senoia-ga-kim-cunningham-photography 01-750

senoia-coffee-cafe-kim-cunningham-photography 07-750

We ordered a couple hot chocolates and a mocha for Mama. No zombies on the menu, today.

Gosh, I love coffee shop light! Who wants a coffee shop session?

senoia-coffee-shop-senoia-ga-kim-cunningham-photography 02-750

senoia-coffee-cafe-kim-cunningham-photography 06-750

Sipping hot drinks quietly only lasts about 3 seconds, so we took our cups on the go. Our boys do not watch The Walking Dead, but since it is still fun to see the filming area, we walked a few paces over to where the sets sit behind a barricade.

downtown senoia-walking dead set 04-750

We tried to use the big rocks across from the sets to peer over the wall, but no such luck for we three shorties. There are signs nearby that say, “No, Nope. Not you. Don’t even think about it.”

Well, not exactly those words, but those sentiments.  The security guards basically look the same way. But anyway, there it is behind the wall.

I think filming ended in the fall, so not much is happening here currently.  The last activity I can recall was the odd catering tent set up last October on the way to school drop off.

I love this wall of rocks in the area and always have, so we grabbed a couple shots.

downtown-senoia-rock-wall-kim-cunningham-photography 03-750

downtown-senoia-rock-wall 05-750

And then our hour out and about ended. We had five minutes to spare to make pick up for my daughter.

It was a short and sweet way to kick off the weekend.

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! We have had a few new folks joining us lately, so just want to say hello and welcome to this great group of people!

I finally finished editing the photos I took of Gracyn and her friends before their winter formal.  I have not had a moment’s peace this week to do anything creative, so I’m glad to have something to share. I’ve got two rolls of film scans coming in on Friday, so I am very very excited for those. #pleasedontsuck

I barely remember what is on them, but I do remember that I shot in bright sunny Florida for most of the frames. So, there is that.

Back to the formal…

winter formal 16-750

These girls have moved on from the Winter Formal and are now onto loads of rehearsals for The Music Man. The entire high school is required to be in the play, which I think is cool. It kind of forces kids to try something they might ordinarily shy away from. Like my “uh uh” girl.  These girls are going to be The Pick-A-Little Ladies for their first foray into theater. Maybe they will get the theater bug after their first time.  I danced my way through many a play in high school. 

They will be performing in about 3 weeks time at a vintage theater in our town, which is pretty awesome. 

Rehearsals are life, currently.

So, how was your week?

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