Little Things Thursday

Even though summer is long gone, there are still little pockets where summer once kissed.

My zinnias continue to bloom strongly, but this week I sensed that the tide of seasons is about to turn in real earnest taking summer’s gifts along for the ride.

So, I grabbed a few cuttings and made the most of summer’s last sigh.

Summer's last sigh

She was all too happy to take a break from the intense workload of the week. After a few poses with our little bouquet, I placed them in a jar to grace our table. And oh, how the last flicker of the day’s light exposed their beauty. Summer's last sigh

What are you savoring this week?


Little Things Thursday

I am still working through some film shares from my recent rolls spanning spring-summer.  I guess they are a fitting tribute for saying goodbye to summer’s season.

Newsie Aidan Film 01-blogIf you’ve been around a few months, you might remember the Newsies session I shot in spring. I shot most of it digitally, but brought my trusty antique Minolta along with a roll of film. For funsies. This already feels like a long time ago.

Gosh, I tell you, I’m ready for the pace of the cooler season when things start to slow down a bit.  This week alone had me trying to get dismissed from jury duty due to being a homeschooling parent, setting up a rigorous orthodontic plan for my oldest, overseeing 3 grades of schoolwork, two soccer games, 2 soccer practice preps, playing taxi, refereeing sibling squabbles, cleaning house, trying to exercise, and cooking umpteen meals after shopping for said meals and putting up all the groceries. Does anyone else loath putting groceries away, or is it just me?

I guess all the above just grants me rights into the parenting club. I’m not special. We parents are all juggling the very same things. I wouldn’t trade any of it because I know that it’s a privilege to be the anchor of a home, but when breathers come I am grateful.  To me, fall is a great big old sigh of relief. It’s like getting an invitation to hibernate from all the busy of the season just passed. Every thing begins to settle into a familiar routine and growing pains of a new school year have passed. I’m looking forward to being through all the adjustments of late and soaking in a bit of the quiet recreation that fall affords.

How about you? Are you ready?


Little Things Thursday|Rain

I love a good cleansing summer rain.

rain wash

After days of hot, steamy weather I look forward to seeing the thunder clouds roll in with the promise of renewing the parched ground and spurring on growth.

Everything the rain touches breathes a sigh of sweet relief, including our tired souls.  From a distance the rain may seem menacing, a foe.

But as the saying goes: There are no rainbows without a little rain. Everything is grace. Even the things for which we struggle to give thanks.

When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know. 

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Blueberry Hill

I found my thrill…

On Blueberry Hill.

blueberry bread-blog

blueberry bread 2-blog

And I made bread, blueberry banana bread, from that hill. Or terrace. Whatever.

In faith we planted blueberry bushes 3-4 years ago. Each year the berries failed to mature or the birds got to them before they could. This year we have had our first real bounty. Each day new berries have turned blue from the hundreds of berries clustered on our two little bushes. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to see the harvest come in.

I’ve been know to open my back door to scream at birds and chipmunks getting a little too cheeky. I can’t let them near my precious.

This summer will be blueberry everything if the rest of the little green hopefuls ripen.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s not that easy being green...

Friends and Frog-blog

Minolta SRT 101 on Portra 400 Film

Especially when my daughter is around.  She will find you, catch you, and make you her squishy.

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Little Things Thursday

I pulled out my camera for closer look at these gorgeous day lilies that bring me joy in June.  I am always amazed at the bittersweet life of the day lily. It blooms for just a day and withers by the next. But, oh that splendor in those 24 hours! Thankfully, they stage bloom for most of the month to keep me from being crestfallen over their short life span.

Blossoming 04-blog

I planted these several years ago not really knowing what was to come. They have blown me away each year and each year I have realized that I planted them in the wrong place and really need to move them. I’m somewhat afraid that I will destroy them in doing so. Plus, the fact that I need to replant in fall always creeps up on me and leaves me a day late and a dollar short. Maybe this year! They really need to move back by my front windows rather than in front of the hedges. They are so gloriously tall and I had no idea how so when I first bought them as wee plantlings. That’s a word, right?

The goal is to divide and replant this September. I’m really quite the accidental gardener and have zero clue what I am doing, but somehow I manage to grow some things.  Bulbs are so rewarding.

If you haven’t planted these fleshy and fragrant lilies, you should definitely get them in the ground this fall!

What’s blooming in your corner?

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Survival Mode

I didn’t really intend for the start of summer to go straight to survival mode, but who does? There has been a whole lot of Murphy’s Law going on, but I am able to see the brightside of it and laugh a little. A little.

May 24-2015

My knees never really got better after last week. I ended up resting for almost a full week to be ready to shoot the wedding last Thursday. I adopted the RICE lifestyle just to make it through that. I got through, but was a little worse for the wear the next day. It was worth it though! I’m feeling a bit better now, though the pain travels from knees, to quads, to hams. I am best friends with Advil and ice packs. I think it is all just a matter of time to heal and hopefully I can start walking again. Slowly. I’m a dork and thought I could handle the pace before.  Clearly, I was wrong.

Our kitchen sink died Monday. So that required lots of hoopla to try to salvage it before chucking it and getting a new one.  All this happened while Jack tried to prepare Memorial Day goodies. Of course it isn’t fully installed because there are always hurdles to overcome. But soon, it will be all functional.

Today, Jasper chipped a permanent front tooth on the side of the pool. It was a small chip, but I took him in to the dentist anyway. His chip was jagged and I knew it could present issues. His tooth was sanded down to smooth the edges. Now we wait until his front teeth are fully grown before deciding if they will need either more sanding or a little bonding. There was no nerve damage! It’s really not that bad, but this is my baby, afterall. I’m allowed to overreact.  Right?

Then…as if we needed more, Texas showed up. All those mid-western rains started to fall here in Jawgia. My backyard turned into a river and then the garage started to flood from the bottom and leak a bit from the top. By this point, all I could do was laugh. I mean, it could be way worse.  Way.

I’m grateful that these sufferings are really just petty ones. If these things are our biggest problems, we are doing well!

So, things have been slow here on the dear old blog, because I just haven’t had the physical stamina to photograph anything besides what I am paid to photograph. My clients needed the best of me, so I didn’t want to jeopardize that by being too mobile. I’m slowly making it back to normal. I keep saying that, but I believe it is true this time.

Here’s to the upswing!

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May Flowers

We’ve been clocking many hours around the yard the last few weeks to create not only an oasis for summer, but to also feed ourselves…Lord Willing.

Here’s a look at a few scenes of late.

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

Everything is in gorgeous mode!

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I’ve been feeling a renewed sense of taking the time to live. Do you know what I mean? Like all of us, I can get so bogged down in the daily doings of life that I forget to truly live.

It’s funny how spring invites us to see things freshly.  All the life bursting forth reminds us that we also need to recreate.

Garden beginnings 01-blog

So, I sat down and wrote a bit in a journal about what that means to me right now and I realized that I need to protect this sacred place of living. I mean, I already knew that, but it gets lost in the fray at times.

I realized, anew, that I’m responsible for my own happiness and time to live.  It is not anyone else’s responsibility to carve that out for me.  Me being me, I came up with a plan.

garden 2015

On the docket:

  • Gardening
  • Walks
  • Time to reflect/Bible study
  • Handwritten letters
  • Time outdoors
  • Creating my own adventures
  • Simplicity and Minimalism
  • Nourishing my artist’s heart
  • Friendships: Old and New
  • Guarding my heart
  • Meaningful conversations and fellowship
  • Seeking out inspirational, passionate people/being mentored and mentoring/a circle of giving and receiving
  • Abundance mentality in thoughts, words, and deeds
  • Picnics
  • Time with hubby
  • Wine and cheese

Gosh, there really is so much more I could say.  This will require lots of prayer and intentional choices.  You may remember that my two words of 2015 are Pause and Follow. It’s getting close to mid-year and it’s time to do those gut checks.  Am I making strides towards my goals? Are you? Are you pursuing them un-apologetically? If I’m honest, there has been rough surf.  I’m grateful for those because I can adjust my sails going into the second half of the year.

Happiness is the reward of intentional living.  I’m growing.

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Cherry Blossoms

I adore cherry blossom season and sadly those brief days have already come to an end here in Georgia. It’s like a small miracle every spring! The Miracle we are waiting for.  I sure was thankful that I found this little gem on my latest roll of film!

Spring 2015

Minolta SRT 101 on Kodak Portra 400 @200

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