Little Things Thursday

Stuff happens. Like when your daughter’s phone ends up in the washing machine…

Yep, that happened this week and became the reason I was able to do this for myself.

iphone 6s plus 01-750

Shameless plug included.

Thank goodness for an available upgrade which allowed me to give my daughter my iPhone 5s, and get the big Bertha for myself. Truth told, I needed to upgrade because my eyes at this age need to see everything in LARGE format. Amen? Amen.

It’s a win for far-sighted eye-strain sufferers everywhere.

What kind of stuff is happening this week for you?


Boon Suds Bottle Washer| Product Review

The good folks at Boon reached out to me to review one of their new products, the SUDS Bottle Washer.  SUDS was designed for parents who are in that stage of constantly washing baby bottles and sippy cups.  Boy, do I remember those days! In our early years of parenting we did not have a dishwasher as those were not common in the country we were living at the time.  I always felt like it was a chore to really get bottles and sippy cups clean. Even though we are no longer in that stage, we are in the stage of constantly washing sports bottles for our kids.  I hand wash those because dishwashers tend to cause these bottles to expand and that leads to the dreaded leaks. On top of this, I also like to hand wash my coffee travel mugs.

Boon Suds 01

I could see that a Boon SUDS Bottle Washer could be a boon for me as a soccer mom! 5 water bottles after every game and practice really adds up to time at the sink.

To use, simply fill the basin with warm soapy water, invert your bottle, and push down a few times! Warm sudsy water splashes inside and the bottle scrubber does the rest.  It’s easy peasy to clean your bottles in mere seconds.  The basin fits in your sink and contains all the mess! This is a #ABoon4Bottles!

Boon Suds 02

Boon Suds 03

I’m trying it with my trusty coffee travel mug!

The Boon SUDS Bottle Washer is now available in Target stores and at

Check out the action here with this video!  I hope you will find the SUDS Bottle Washer a boon for your bottles! And hey moms, this totally works on those end of the day wine glasses, too.

*Post sponsored by Boon, Inc.* All opinions are my own.



Bumblebean’s Smart Solutions

As you may know, I have had the privileged of curating for Bumblebean over the last year.  I just love this company that showcases specialty brands for modern moms, kids, and babies! If you haven’t had a look around Bumblebean’s site, you should definitely make a visit soon because you will fall in love with the brands.

Today, I want to introduce you to Bumblebean’s newest help for all you moms and dads out there.  Bumblebean has launched Smart Solutions with all sorts of parenting hacks to share with you straight from the community of moms and dads who visit the site! Smart Solutions was designed with you in mind.

You’ll find tips for raising kids , tricks, advice and everyday ‘life-hacks’ for everyday challenges.   You can upload videos, images or just words of wisdom, share them with our community and with friends.  We select the best of the best and rotate them through our home page for others to see.
bumblebean promo

I’d love for you all to stop by and share some of your best hacks with the community.  I know you have great wisdom that will benefit us all as we make our way through this journey of perenthood. Maybe you’ll find a tip to employ while you are there.

And of course you’ll always find great collections curated by Bumblebean’s experts!

Hope to see you there!




Kidecals reached out to me a few weeks ago about trying some of their personalized decals.  The selections were great!  I love the idea of labeling everything because if your kids are like mine, they leave their stuff everywhere.  Summer is definitely a perfect time for using Kidecals durable labels.

I’m usually a Sharpie pen girl.  However, over time even Sharpie pens start to wear off.  You can use Kidecals on any surface…even fabric! They are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe.  You can be confident that these labels will keep your kid’s personal belongings labeled for the long haul.

I will use my labels on all our sporting gear that seems to get “lost”.

Kidecals is offering my readers a 15% off discount so that you can get all those labels you need for summer camps and activities. Simple use the code: fashion at checkout.  Go stock up on Kidecals for your kids!

Courtesy of: Kidecals

Kidecals provided me with their product to try and review. All opinions are my own.


Must Haves

I’m taking a deep breath of relief this Monday morning.  We’ve gotten through the first hurried, chaotic weeks of summer and now maybe that slower summer pace will begin.  So far it has felt like the same kind of different.

However, this morning I am willing myself to carve out some time to get caught up to speed! Starting with showing you guys my POPSUGAR Must Have Box for June!

PopSugar must have June-web

POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes are a box subscription service that pulls together some great products for you to try!  I was so impressed with the full-sized products! My Must Have Box felt like a present!

June’s box is totally inspired by summer! The box is chock full of things to take along to the beach or a day by the pool.

Of course a fun book is requisite for lounging on the sand or poolside.  Emily Griffin’s The One & Only will be perfect for a fun summer read.  I’m looking forward to carving out time to indulge.

I’m loving that huge bottle of Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion.  It smells so, so good!  I just want to drench myself in it.

I was delighted by the Turkish-T Beach Towel.  It’s really luxurious.  You can use it either as a beach towel or you can turn it into a sarong.  You can wrap in so many creative ways to cover up going to and from the beach or pool. I love the color and the stripes!

Lollies hair ties are so cute.  I’m always reaching for a pony tail holder during the summer months.  These ties are made out of swimwear fabric.  You can totally wear them as you play in the water.  They hold their shape, and look so polished!

Did someone at POPSUGAR know of my affinity for kettle style chips?  I can’t wait to dig into this bag of Hawaiian BBQ.  I’m not sharing.

I had to smile at the You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes.  Yep, I’m a germaphobe.  I love having ways to clean my hands on the go.  The lemon fragrance will surely add a little refreshment to the process. I’m going to save these for travel.  They will be perfect for those quick freshen-ups!

Finally, as a bonus, Native Union included a $15 gift card for their fun gadgetry! I’ve already spotted a super fun iPhone cover. If you are geek-fabulous, you will love Native Union’s range of products.

POPSUGAR’S June Must Have Box was incredible!

Because I am a POPSUGAR Select blogger, I get to offer you guys a $10 discount on a 3-month subscription for Must Have Boxes! Sign up by June 30th and use the code JUNESELECT10 for your discount!

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have Box.  The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Linking with friends at Good.Random.Fun today!


Looky Loo Light

Hello to the fans of Kim Cunningham. I am so thrilled to be a guest blogger today, I’ve

always been a big fan of Kim’s work so it’s an honor to be here sharing my story with

you. I’m here to tell you about the Looky Loo, a product I launched on Kickstarter. It’s an

attachment to any DSLR camera that has allowed us to consistently get photos of kids

peering right into the lens.

d0ee0f6b776552b654ef8b929efa0208_large (1)

My name is Allison Carenza ( and I’m a photographer in Kansas

City, Missouri. I’ve been photographing kids for over 8 years now and when I look back

at my work (like most of you I’m sure) I get teary-eyed thinking about the impact the

images have made on the families I’ve worked with.


There aren’t many jobs where you get to give your clients something that will literally

last a lifetime! That’s really what drove me to invent the Looky Loo Light. I wanted

to give the best possible images to my clients. So a couple years ago I started

tinkering with the idea of building something that attaches to the hood of my camera

with colorful flashing lights. I now use the Looky Loo Light on a variety of my shoots and

it works great!


The images I’ve been able to capture are game changers. The parents are always blown

away with how well the Looky Loo Light works. Parents have said things to us like “I

have seen Harper go from a wiggle worm to completely still and staring at the camera” and

“My kids were cracking up the whole time. I think it got my husband and [me] to relax and

look at the camera too. He can be camera shy.”

I have had such great success and realized other photographers needed one too. So I

took my prototype back to the drawing board to make it even better! I’ve added three

sound and light programs, streamlined the design and added a brightness control so it

can be used in a variety of settings. With those updated electronics that are awesome,

we are ready to start sharing with the world!


We decided it was a good idea to launch our Kickstarter campaign to tell you all about

the Looky Loo and help raise funds for bigger production.

Help us by being one of the first to own a Looky Loo Light. Your clients will be so

impressed. 🙂 Just go to our Kickstarter page and donate:

Thank you so so much for your support even if it’s just to share the Looky Loo Light

on your page. We have big hopes and dreams for the Looky Loo and any help is much


All the best!



A note from Kim:  Guys, I’m really excited about Allison’s project!  I made a small donation to help her get this project fully funded.  Even the minimum donation of $1 helps.  Let’s get the word out and get this project funded!


Camera Coats Giveaway

Have you all heard of Camera Coats yet? I have seen Camera Coats around the blogosphere and have been intrigued by them.  Camera Coats are waterproof protective “coats” for your camera body and a lens. The idea is that you can put your camera with a lens inside the coat and sling your camera strap over your shoulder, or you could place your camera safely in say a purse or diaper bag.  I know there are times when I get tired of carrying a heavy camera bag.

Sometimes you just want to “Ditch Your Camera Bag“.

Emily, the creator of Camera Coats, contacted me last month to see if I would like to try a Camera Coat.  Of course I did! You know, on my trip to Peru in September I had to put my camera in my purse without any protection while we were out and about. I just did not want to carry a purse and a camera bag.  I was really worried that something would happen to my gear in my purse.  Having a one of these coats would have given me the security of knowing that my camera was protected from all the junk in my purse.

camera coats damask 1-web

They are really cute too! I chose the Yellow Damask, but there are so many styles to choose.  They also come in sizes for your specific camera series.  I can’t help but think that this product is perfect for the mom who carries a diaper bag, but also wants to carry her camera.  She wouldn’t have to miss a shot due to not wanting to carry a heavy camera bag.  For me, it’s perfect for those outings where I know I’m just going to need my camera, and one lens for the day.  I love that Camera Coats are waterproof, because you just never know!

Camera Coats would make a perfect gift for yourself or any photography loving person on your Christmas list this year! You should totally check out the variety of styles.  Camera Coats are the perfect alternative to a camera bag.  Did I mention they have coordinating camera straps? They do.

I’m really happy with my Camera Coat, but to make a little more happy…I get to give one away to a reader!  You can enter via Rafflecopter below.

Additionally, you can order one of these awesome Camera Coats or other Camera Coat products for your camera with my $10 off discount code. (Not good with other offers)  Just enter Little10 at check out! The code expires November 15, 2013, so hurry to have a look at the products.  But don’t forget to enter to win below first!

camera coats damask 2-web

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Homeschool Snack Solutions

Food is often a chief concern in my household.  Someone is always asking what they will be served next, when they will be served next, and if they can be served now.  I spend a good deal of time each day, just dealing with the subject of food.

In an effort to save time, and keep my kids from driving me crazy about food, I needed a solution.

We homeschool.  That means I have kids in my home all day long.  That means 3 meals and 2 snacks  That means I have to have some sort of plan.

Recently, I had a “why haven’t I thought of this before” moment.

One way I can take some of the focus off food is by planning our snacks.  Additionally, if I can remove myself from the equation of serving and cleaning up the snacks, that will be even better.  My kids are always concerned about snack time, and when that will be.  Someone is always asking me for a drink then minute I start doing something or just sit down.

Here is my solution, a work in progress, and currently in Beta testing.

I bought one of these large candy jars and put it on the counter.  Each night before bed, or early in the morning it gets filled with snacks for the day.  Just that day.  One of each- for each child- no extras.  The kids can clearly see what the snacks will be…saving me one more question to answer.

I’m allowing the kids to serve themselves their snacks whenever they would like to eat it during the hours of 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.  These will essentially be our school hours.  There will only be two snacks a day.  The kids can eat both of their snacks at once, if they like. But, there will ONLY be two snacks a day.   Not only am I taking the snack rod off my own back, but I hope to teach the kids economy as well.  They will have to use self-control if they want to still have a snack in the afternoon.  That will be their responsibility.

This plan will also help me to continue my teaching rotation with all 3 kids and not have to spend 30 minutes of our work day preparing, serving, and cleaning up snacks.  The kids will take care of all of this themselves.

Some days the kids will have two packaged snacks in the jar.  Most days I will do this:

I bought these Rubbermaid Lunch Blox for snacks that require refridgeration or decanting to individual portions.  I try to be cautious about too many pre-packaged foods.  Using these small plastic containers will make serving some fresh fruit a breeze.  The kids can grab and go.  It is washed and ready to be eaten.

These containers can also hold dried foods and go into the large snack jar when I need to decant snacks from larger packages.

I give my kids Camelbak water bottles in the morning to sip from, but I will let them each have one drink pouch per day as a treat.  Self-serve, of course.

This system still requires a little effort from me, or perhaps an older child might like to take on this role.  The prep is really just a few minutes each evening, but I will save energy each day preparing snacks in the moment.   I will also relieve myself of “when’s snack?”, “what’s for snack?”, “can I have a snack?”, “can I have some juice?” x3.

I’ve explained the system, and everyone knows what to expect.  They are excited to have the autonomy to eat what has been prepared for them, whenever they choose.  I get to make sure the choices are wise.

As a bonus, if you have kids that pester for candy, you could put one piece for each child in the jar and let that be the candy moderator.  We don’t buy candy as a rule, but I will definately use this tactic when Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines come.

I think this is going to work!



Salt Water Sandals

Salt Water Sandals are summer’s must have footwear.  Last week I ordered a pair.  They arrived yesterday and I am so excited!  I ordered the super cute red ones.  I just love the color.   We will be going to Hilton Head next month for our summer vacation. These sandals will be perfect for days on the beach, and walks around the island.

Aren’t they retro cute?

Neither water, nor sand will cause these sandals harm. The shoes are made of waterproof leather, and actually mold to your feet when wet giving you a perfect fit.

They are comfortable, which is always important.  I look forward to wearing them with shorts, jeans, skirts, and sundresses.  I love the style versatility.

I sort of want to order every color.   Did I mention how cute they are? *side eye Crocs*

Ordering Salt Water Sandals* online is easy, but it is not recommended that you order them big.  Mine fit true to size.  They also come in children’s sizes for Mommy/baby cuteness.  * Amazon affiliate link.



May I confess?

I have developed an addiction.  I have turned into a Yankee Candle hoarder.  You should see the top of my refrigerator which is presently hosting about 10 brand new candles awaiting their turn to burn.  It doesn’t help that Yankee Candle keeps sending me coupons for great deals.  It’s really hard for me to turn down a great deal.  In the past, I only had a candle or two a year.  Now, I am a sort of junkie.  I love candles, especially as the weather turns colder.  I like the ambiance of a lit candle, and I do like a cozy scent.  I’m particular about the fragrances and many of the scents are too sickening for my taste.  Yet, I always manage to find quite a few that I do like…thus the stash.  I have always felt bad throwing away the used jars, and though recycling is a great option, I have felt there must be something I could do with the jars.  I did a quick search on repurposing.   I found that people were able to get the jars clean and use them for all sorts of things, though food storage was not recommended due to residual fragrance.  I read through all the cleaning tutorials and came up with a way I thought easiest.  After letting the candle burn down to the recommended level, blow out the candle.  Let the hot wax sit for about 10 minutes.  It will cool and solidify enough to remove it.  Reach in the jar and simply scoop the warm wax out.  It should come out easily, but remove any large chunks that remain.  Fill the jar with hot water.  This will soften any remaining wax residue.  Wash with warm soapy water.  Peel off the label.  You will need to apply a small amount of sticker solvent to remove the sticker glue.  Rewash and dry!  You now have a clean jar ready for repurposing!  I am using my jars to organize craft supplies for school.  I had many opened bags of supplies that were really hard to manage.  My default was ziplock baggies to contain spills, but that wasn’t working all that well.   What I love about the jars is the uniformity of design, great tight lids, no added storage expense, and that I can see when we are running low of a certain item.  A bonus is that the craft supplies can be an attractive decoration for a craft or school room on a shelf!  Yankee Candles are expensive.  Finding a way to get the most out of the money spent just makes sense to me.   What would you use these jars for?

  • craft supplies
  • sewing materials
  • cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • legos
  • seed packets and gardening items
  • pens, markers, crayons
  • school maniupulatives


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