Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday, the linky where we share the little things that are making us currently happy through images and words.

This week has been busy with getting the kids back and forth to VBS. They are enjoying their week, while I am enjoying a little time to work on a few things.

Some things I am currently enjoying this week are:

Happiness project 01-750

I’m only halfway through, but I’m learning a couple of fun ways of approaching the topic of happiness. Gretchen Rubin is a podcaster that I have recently been introduced to and her thoughts on the tendencies of people are intriguing. I really love the topic of personality. So, I decided to pick up a couple of her books for summer reading. Rubin essentially selected 12 things she desired to improve in her life to work on over the course of a year. She breaks each of those topics down to tell how she approached the changes. The biggest take away that I’ve learned so far is to “act the way you want to feel”. Yes. I think this is such great advice. You know? 

Speaking of podcasts…

june blog dyp 01

I found another fun one called Sorta Awesome. You can find it in iTunes. Megan Tietz used to write for the blog Sorta Crunchy, and has now developed to a full-time podcaster. I’ve added this to my exercise podcast-listening rotation. If you like podcasts, check this one out.

Finally, my three kiddos and I are preparing to head out on June 25th to Cherokee, NC. to assist with hosting a VBS program with kids living in the Cherokee nation. My daughter has participated twice, and this will be my boys’ first trip, of many, I’m sure. I will be helping with the documentation of the week, while our kids serve the kids from the reservation. Everyone is looking forward to the time. Oh and yeah…the little one here has a busted forehead after a run in with an exercise band. He is all glued up and on the mend. This kid…

How’s your summer going? What’s making you happy this week?


For All That You Have Done For Us

This past Sunday our worship team sang For All That You Have Done For Us by Rend Collective, which is set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. I had not hear this before, or at least I hadn’t remembered hearing it.

But, what an incredible song of praise as we look back over the last year with Thankfulness.

Your grace will never be forgot

Your mercy all my life…

Christmas 2015-1 Christmas 2015-2 Christmas 2015-3 January 16-1

Will be my source forever song
My story and my light

2015 had its share of ups, downs, transitions, and general overwhelm.

But even in all of that, one only needs to look around to see that everything is grace and everything has purpose.

The little blessings are huge and numerous when we stop to count them one by one. Mine might not look as grand as the one next to me, but they are grand when viewed through the lens of grace.

And when I truly take stock of all I have I am humbled and even ashamed of my grumblings.  I’m making the effort to count those small blessings this winter when I am often plagued by the blues. I’ll be doing a #100happydays on Instagram to document the blessings that God gives me.  The smaller the better.

I am so tuned to see the big as what counts (especially when I get trapped by comparison), so I am only focusing on the small things that equal a happy life.

I know that waiting for the big things will cause me to miss the bounty before me.

I hope you are all off to a great start in 2016. Let’s count our blessings!

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Little Things Thursday

Merry Christmas Eve, Little Things Thursday crew! I’m sure we are all at def con 5 with preparations, so I’m going to be short and sweet.

I hope that you all have a wonderful time celebrating with your loved ones. I’m so thankful for all of you who join me here.

I’ve been doing a little prep here.

christmas wreaths 01-blog


These are so simple and my kids look forward to these Christmas Wreaths each year. I’ve gotta a few more cookies for Santa to bake today before heading off to Christmas Eve service. That and shoring up all the little details.

Have A Merry Christmas Everyone! I will see you back here on New Year’s Eve!



Little Things Thursday

My little thing this week is the joy of receiving film scans back from the lab! I mentioned earlier this week the element of surprise when months pass between shooting and developing the rolls. To my surprise, I found Easter on my Portra 400.  And Portra 400 is definitely my jam.

I just love Portra’s skin tones.

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

The kids were mostly over being in their Sunday best for these, but I still love them!

I can’t wait to pop a few more rolls in my camera and start capturing more memories on film.

How’s your corner of the world?


I Think It Was The Fourth of July (unedited)

Saturday in the [Grove]

I think it was the Fourth of July

lemondade stand-blog


People reaching, people touching

A real celebration

fourth of july 01-blog



watermelon in backyard 2-blog

watermelon in backyard-blog

Rosie with hippo-blog

corn for the grill-blog

bug assault-blog

Listen children all is not lost
All is not lost, oh no, no. 

ribs and corn on the grill-blog

dinner 2-blog


dinner 3-blog

blackberry cobbler 2-blog

sparklers 1-blog

sparklers 3-blog

sparklers 2-blog

sparklers 4-blog

I’ve been waiting such a long time for Saturday.

Hope all of my USA friends had a wonderful Fourth celebration!

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I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend celebrating the women in your lives. We had a good, and full weekend.

Saturday was two soccer double-headers that had us out in the sun for 5 hours.  We were fairly sun-drained by the end.  AND, as much as we love our soccer Saturdays, we are happy next week is the last game until fall! I get my Saturday mornings back…which means sleep-ins.

Mother's day weekend 2015

Saturday evening I was able to escape for a Girl’s Night Out, and it was lovely to get to know someone new while growing friendships with the others over a good meal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful.  Hubby made an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and juice.  He ALSO made lunch after church.  I got to rest for a bit and then got back into my workout routine…which is simultaneously killing me slowly and making me stronger.  I’m only walking/jogging 3.4 miles a day, but when you haven’t really exercised in awhile, it hurts.  I’m looking for some great workout tunes to keep me moving.  What’s your favorite?

Jack ordered those two gorgeous floral prints for me from  If you haven’t had a tour around her work, you really should. It is so inspiring. The creator, Bridget, is the very first blogger I followed back in 2005.  I found her inspiring then, but she has really blossomed in her talent over the years. (pun intended)

Mother's day weekend 02

And with that, we are back to our work week. We have 9 days left of school. I’m dragging and ready for summer,but must keep on truckin’.

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Film Friday

One of my film rolls came in yesterday afternoon.  At first I was all sad panda about them.  I’m not even sure why, but after a few minutes I began to appreciate them more.

I could see improvement and that’s what each roll is all about.  I think the thing I most struggle with is an expression I don’t want when you only get one shot.  Part of it is training my kids not to pull a weird face right as the shutter is ready to click. We are working on that.

Today, I’ll share a couple from this new roll of our Easter since that just passed.

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

All images shot with Minolta SRT 101 circa 1967 

Stock: Kodak Portra 400 and rated 200

Film developed and scanned by The Find Lab on Noritsu

I’m not tweaking these at all right now. I want to see exactly what my camera is doing with the metering I’m employing so I can make in camera adjustments.  At this stage, my focus is on mastering the very rudimentary light meter of the Minolta and of course, mastering the manual focusing ring.

And if you would rather see more film work now than parceled out each Friday, let’s connect on Flickr.

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Little Things Thursday

It’s a busy week around here, but we managed to squeeze in our annual egg dyeing.

Easter Eggs 2015

Easter Eggs 2015

Easter Eggs 2015

Easter Eggs 2015

Easter Eggs 2015

Easter Eggs 2015

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and Passover!

Share your week below!



Thank you to all who wished us a speedy recovery yesterday.  It seems that the verdict is just a regular, run of the mill cold for all 3 kiddos. I think we can handle that!

We are thankful it isn’t worse as we are heading into winter break. We have no big plans, but we certainly don’t want to be sick for a week off.

Today, we decided to get ready for Valentine’s Day by making marshmallow treats. These were super easy.  I just fancied them up with heart sprinkles mixed in the Rice Crispies. You just make a batch of regular Rice Crispies, turn those onto a greased pan, flatten, and cut with a heart shaped cutter. *Don’t forget to grease your cookie cutter!



And then, of course, I dipped them in chocolate and added heftier sprinkles.  I knew hubby would appreciate the chocolate.  However, he can smell the “flavored” stuff a mile away, so I decided to make my own dip rather than use candy melts.  Who can blame him? I’d much rather real chocolate than something chocolate flavored.

Here is what I did: I melted a stick of butter, 10 oz of dark chocolate chips, and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.  The chocolate will become somewhat firm, but does not harden.  I dipped about 1/4 of the heart into the chocolate dip and set it on my Silpat to firm up. Easy peasy.


My kids were super excited and I get to be a hero without a bunch of hoopla!


Milk bubbles are a bonus.

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Little Things Thursday: The Merry Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Friends! I’m sure the crowd will be smaller today, but for those who could make it, I’m glad you are here. I hope your Christmas morning has been full of joy.

christmas jammies 2014-web

Once again, I did not get any of my own cards out this year. I think I need to get started in July to make sure I get one of my family. However, here are the kids freshly bathed and ready for bed in their new Christmas Eve jammies.  A quick shot was all we could pull together tonight.  There are many preparations still ahead before hubby and I can call it a night.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing your celebrations!

See you soon!

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