Little Things Thursday

If you follow on Instagram, you saw that we had to put our pug, Gigi, down yesterday. Gigi was to turn 11 this September, which is pretty old for pugs. Her health was beginning to deteriorate as well as her overall happiness. So, we made that hard call.

We bought Gigi at a little pet shop in Bangkok in 2005. We had talked about getting a family pet prior to the day, and we happened upon this shop the day they had two baby pugs. Gigi was the smallest of the two, and most likely the runt of the litter. She was just so cute, so we brought her home. We named her after our home state of Georgia, but decided to call her Gigi.

G & GiGi (1)

Gigi was a rambunctious puppy with a strong mind of her own. She was funny and playful until about year three when she began having clusters of seizures every 6 months or so for almost 8 years. She was never fully the same after her first episodes and each cluster most likely brought about some damage to her body. She became less and less playful and more prone to just lounge the days away. She was a sweet companion, even so.

gigi sunning

Her favorite winter lounging place was by the fire.


She was the ever hopeful dog for whatever morsels of food she could find, or beg for though. She guarded her food like nothing else. “Treat” was her favorite word.

Gigi wants a treat

Summer Days

gigi gets a bath 02-blog

dog walk-web


pug asleep on window sun spot-01-750

Thank you to those who left sweet words on my Instagram feed yesterday. That means so much! We are sorrowful over the loss of our Geege, but happy that she is no longer feeling the effects of age and health issues. She was a good friend to us for 10+ years. We are heading out today to take in some sweet time of fun and rest in Florida with family before the school year crazy begins.

We will miss you Gigi…


Little Things Thursday

This spring has been all about finding the little things in life that bring joy.  Spring has been exceptionally pretty and restorative to me this year.


bird eggs

Finding beauty and life right around me has kept my perspective from tanking in the harder moments of life. And there have been a few stressful days.  Overall, I’ve been encouraged by the prospects of things to come in the months ahead. In someways it feels like a turning of the tide. Some call it HOPE! I think I’m calling it GRACE.

It doesn’t hurt that summer is just two weeks away… Oh the bliss of slow mornings and relaxed days.


Little Things Thursday

Our pups were getting a bit stinky, so Aidan volunteered as tribute for bathing them. It’s not an easy task, but thankfully the summer months let us take the splashing outdoors.

You will need a change of clothing afterwards.  One dog in particular has a habit of escaping while full of soap. Ahem, Rosie.

rosie gets a bath 02-blog

rosie gets a bath 01-blog

Gigi keeps her cool every time, for which we are all grateful.

gigi gets a bath 01-blog

gigi gets a bath 02-blog

Hope you are all having a great week! What’s up in your slice of the world?


It’s Monday Y’all

We are having a Monday’s Monday.

Our new dog, Rosie, thought it would be fun to chew through the wires on our outdoor AC unit and thus leave us without air condition in August…in Georgia.


We were kind of promised that she didn’t chew on things, and well let’s just say that she may not chew on typical things, but she does chew! And her potty training skills are a little lackluster.

Thankfully, we were able to get the air conditioner repaired today, but it made for a very disrupted and expensive day.  It all worked out after a few hours of unbridled chaos.

I’m reposting an old image of said dog, because I need to remember her cute face at moments like these.  She’s on a bit of thin ice.  I tried to make a dog shaming photo of her, but as irony would have it she refused to sit or stay.

Summer Days

She is being such a toddler.

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Little Things Thursday

Taking in a new pet is certainly not a “Little Thing”.  Yet the little things like love, comfort, friendship, and provisions make such a huge difference to man and animal kind alike.

Here’s the little story about how Rosalie (Rosie) has come to be a new family member for us.


Rosalie (nee Kitty) lives next door with our wonderful neighbors. They are going through job relocation and their home has sold quickly. They do not currently have another place to live in their new state, and will be living in a hotel for a while. 3 adults, 1 preschooler, and 1 dog in a hotel for months. You understand their situation, I’m sure.

It’s never easy to have to let go of a beloved pet, but sometimes it is necessary even when not part of the original plan. We understand because when we left Thailand there was a huge hurdle of getting Gigi home with us. It almost didn’t happen due to airline embargoes.

Our neighbors asked us to help spread the word about Rosalie needing a new home and well, it just made sense for us to take her. She knows us and is well-loved by all. The transition would probably be much harder if she were moved out of her known spaces. Everyone feels a little easier about what is to be. Still, I know this is very hard on our neighbors.

Rosalie has been coming over daily for several hours to get used to things, and goes back home in the evening. It seems to be the right thing to do. We will acquire Rosalie permanently in a couple weeks when the neighbors move.

So everyone, meet Rosalie, new doggie at Little by Little!

Everyone is happy…except the cat.

How’s your week?

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Up on the Roof

up on the roof-web

Beezus has a thing for sitting on the overhang right outside of our playroom.  She begs to be let out of the window to survey the ‘hood.  She’s far to chicken to go out of the front door for a close look, but on the roof she feels secure from all the pitfalls of the streets.  It is the perfect perch for bird watching.   And concerned passers-by.  That one is for the humans.

Liking with Songography.



Beezus’ big day at the vet and a cool opportunity.


We survived the conundrum of last week.   Beezus moved through this situation quickly (3 days) and the vet called us back and agreed to keep Beezus’ original appointment for spaying.   None too soon, might I add!   She was dropped off at the vet early this morning and we should be able to bring her home within a few hours.   I need to prepare the kids to be gentle with her.  I’ll be thankful to see the back of the cat that she was for a few days. Oi!


On a cool note, I was approached about helping a local school system as a Thai translator!  ::fist pump::  The “job” would be to help assist Thai national children entering the public school system.  Basically, I would provide feedback to the teachers by testing the kids in their native language.  It would be a very, very part time gig.  Our area is probably not a Thai immigration hot spot.  I may only get to help once every few years, for all I know.  I am so excited though because my years learning Thai will not be for nought! I will have some opportunity to interact with Thai nationals, which is such a priviledge.  The works are moving forward to have me added to the translator list for an adjacent county.  There is currently a student that I may be called to assess soon.  And…I’ll be paid! But, I’d do it for free.  However, since you are offering…a little compensation is nice too!


running the marathon

I did not take a single picture on Thanksgiving.  I was the hostess and chef for this year’s dinner.  I decided it was best to skip the photojournalism and focus on the food.  I cooked for two days!  The day before Thanksgiving I spent 6 hours preparing.  I’m so glad because it staved off loads of Thanksgiving stress.  We had a great meal of turkey, gravy, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, squash casserole, brown sugar glazed carrots, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls and pies! I love Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, we braved Black Friday.  We finished 98% of our shopping!  We have just a few other gifts to get that can wait a week or so.  My mother kept our kids so my husband and I could shop together.  We made the day a little date and had lunch while we were out.  We didn’t do crazy by going out super early.  We started around 8 AM and finished by 3.  It was actually delightful.  We didn’t have to deal with any of the rudeness or really any lines that tend to plague Black Friday stories.  I also got our gifts wrapped that same night! Whew!  BUT…it’s done and I can enjoy December.  Well worth it.

Saturday, we decorated the trees…yes, trees.  We have our main tree and the kids have small bedroom trees.  I love the festivity of having lit trees all around.  Throw in a nativity and a few other bits and bobs and we are all set!  Speaking of trees, my cat has found a new toy.  I kind of feared this.  The ornaments have been safe, but my tree skirt is taking a beating.  Beezus has taken to dive bombing the skirt and sliding.  Straightening the skirt for a whole month is going to be super fun!  At times, she enjoys lounging under the tree.  That I don’t mind.  I just hope we don’t have an Aunt Bethany’s cat moment.

Sweet Shot Day


Miss B



We’ve had Beezus a little over a month.  Everyone has taken to this spunky little kitty.  She is the coveted item around the house.  This “free” kitten has been so much fun…and so very expensive for being free.  She had a few issues to sort out with the vet to get her healthy, but she is now a healthy, vibrant ball o’fun.  I loved kitties when I was a girl.  I used to dress my kitties in doll clothes, much to their dismay and my delight.  I had forgotten how much I liked cats until she came along.  Beezus and Gigi, the pug have finally gotten to the tolerant point.  There is even a tiny glimpse of like from time to time.  Tonight, someone thought it would be a lark to put Beezus in an American Girl doll shirt.  Naturally, the camera had to come out.  (Psss…the person who dressed the cat was me!)  The kids squealed at the sight of Miss B in the shirt.

This picture is not the greatest, but to my defense as a photographer, this is what I was working with for the most part.

Beezus had one goal…getting the dratted shirt off!

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