Little Things Thursday

Welcome back Friends! I’m still working my way through last weeks links because of a big project this week.  That ended Wednesday night so I’m feeling a bit like this:

jasper jump 01-750

Our church’s annual mission conference dinner was Wednesday night and I was part of the team cooking West African food for 120 people. While it is a fun night, I always feel like jumping for joy when it is over. It takes two days of prepping, and cooking…and lots and lots of dish washing. I have a case of dishpan hands that even Palmolive can’t fix.

But alls well that ends well. After a good night’s rest and coffee this AM, I’ll be good as new.

Keep me company during my recovery with snippets from your week!

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Little Things Thursday

I’ve decided to jump feet first into Bible journaling.  Have you heard of this? It’s a way to express your faith artistically, if art speaks to your heart.   It’s sort of scrapbooking meets your quiet time.

You can buy a journaling Bible or you can just use any kind of sketchbook.  The one I am getting is currently back-ordered, and I have been waiting for several weeks to get mine. I’ve been gathering materials meanwhile.

Bible journaling

Basically whatever speaks to you during your Bible reading time can become an artistic expression in the margins. I’ve seen some amazing artwork from others in some of the communities I have found.

Bible journaling

There is something about joining creativity with faith that feels very full-circle to me.

Bible journaling

And even though I think I’m not crafty or very good at this kind of art, I am hoping it will open up more undiscovered creative spaces in me.  2015 is all about pausing to follow new rabbit trails and to discover new things along the way.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few spaces to get you started.  Shanna’s blog.  Printables and Totes. Facebook Community. ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (TruTone, Chestnut, Leaves Design) <-affilitate link.  There are a variety of Bibles to order on Amazon for this purpose.

And if scripture isn’t your thing, you can do this with any written word that speaks to you. I love the way art leaves impressions on your soul whether you have natural talent, or none!

Create anyway. It’s a great Little Thing.

What are you creating this week?


Craftiness and other domestic bliss

What is it about the imminence of autumn that brings out the creative spirit in us?  I’m not sure what it is, but the bug has certainly hit.


Lately, I’m rediscovering bliss in the little things of life. Such as…

Watching on Netflix: Family Ties (love that Alex P. Keaton), Sabrina (the newer one), and Last Love.  Last Love was sad, but worth a watch.

Cooking: Anything in my crockpot.  I have spaghetti sauce simmering right now.

Drinking: Trader Joe’s Smooth Blend Coffee

Pinning: Meals, Crafts, and Homeschooling ideas

Crafting: Knitting, and Sewing with the kids

Discovering: Extra time in the day gained through early rising and earlier bedtimes

Desiring: Being part of what really matters.  There is so much going on in the world currently that I think we need to be paying attention to.  Like for real.

Loving: Instagram vs Facebook.  I love scrolling through my feed and seeking thankfulness/celebration rather than being bombarded by Facebook tantrums and negativity.

Planning: A trip to Thailand in 6 weeks!

Exercise: Walking with Rosie in the afternoons/evenings…no music or distractions, just my thoughts.

Reading: Farmer Boy to the kids

This is my Good.Random.Fun.




Almost lazy

I admit.  I had to go look up “the song”.  I have heard it, but I wasn’t recalling many of the lyrics.  Maybe that was because I was blocking such unrealistic thoughts from my mind.

my yarn stash

See, I have been a mother for 12+ years now…so those memories of lazy days are but a faint memory.  I’m glad I stored up during my teen and college years.  I don’t dare tune fully out now.

No, No.  That would be unwise.

Even now as I type this, there are little ones reading over my shoulder asking all sorts of questions about what I’m writing.  So I’m choosing to be a little vague.

I do let myself relax a bit when I can, and lately I will work on a little knitting to recharge during the day and when I am finally getting to watch a show that I like in the late evening.  I’m making my own dishcloths in addition to my scarf.  It makes me sound like I’m ready for the rocking chair and shawl brigade, but it is strangely soothing.

Want to learn to knit? Vanatha Sao has the easiest tutorials on YouTube.  Her tutorials have a couple parts, and I’m linking part 1.  Just follow through with part 2 and so on.  I still don’t know all the fancy stitches, but these tuts get you started.

My rainbow in a basket awaits this Saturday evening, if I can shuffle little feet off to bed!

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Learning to knit (7)

One of my personal goals this year is to learn to knit.


It kind of feels like one of those things you should know, at some point. I’ve never ever been crafty. Crafty just wasn’t something that was part of my upbringing, and to be honest I don’t know if I would have had the patience for knitting until now.

Even though I felt very clumsy starting, knitting kind of feels a bit therapeutic. Amazingly, you don’t need any classes to pick up this nifty trick. A couple decent Google searches and you are knitting!

I’m working on this mustard colored scarf.  I’m banking on mustard still being in when I’m finished.

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A Stitch in Time

I broke down and bought some crafts.


I mentioned that I’m not the craftiest person in the world, but I can sort of cross-stitch.  Just don’t look at the back of my fabric.

I haven’t cross-stitched in years because I don’t really enjoy the offerings of patterns in most stores.  There is something so out-of-date about them.  However, you know how social media leads you to new recommendations from time to time and I was led to The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.   Seriously cute patterns, if you like kitschy…and I do!

I decided to do the cactus to get my needles primed, and then I’m going to take on the fall sampler.  The sampler seems so fun because you get a weekly pdf for 5 weeks with the patterns.  I think that will help me to keep from feeling overwhelmed.  Stitching a little here and a little there will be my speed.

I may be in this just for the scissors.

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This week, according to Instagram.

We are finishing up Vacation Bible School week here.  Lots of driving happened getting kids to and from church.

Highlights this week were our youngest boy turning 6, working on our house, and antiquing. I went antiquing 3 times while the kids were in classes.  I may be becoming a junkie.  OK…lame joke. Moving on.

Vbs week

That cinnamon roll was a highlight, too. ^^^

I need a little deco help…well, an opinion.  I found this old chalkboard while hitting the vintage shops.  I’m planning to put it in my schoolroom.  Would you leave it as is with all it’s old character, or would you try to refurbish it?  I’m really envisioning a vintage (mid-century) inspired schoolroom.  I’m thinking white walls, fabric bunting, old globe, this chalkboard, and etc…

We start the schoolroom phase tomorrow!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter Jars

We are off to church this morning to celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Savior.  We plan to end our day with a turkey dinner.  We sound a little holiday confused, but my kids begged for turkey.  Turkey it is!  Whatever gets them to eat is what I say.

This year I decided to make these jars in lieu of traditional Easter baskets.  I think we are all “candied” out from the other holidays, so these jars with a small sample of goodies will be perfect.  I love how simple these are to make, and I love anything in a canning jar.

To make these take a quart size canning jar, and make a nest with edible Easter grass.  Simply wrap the grass around your hand to make the nest.  Slip your hand out and place the grass in the bottom of the jar.

Add a small chocolate bunny.

Finally, dot the nest with jelly beans or candy coated eggshaped chocolates.

Put the lid on and that’s it.   Canned cuteness.

Have a great day Friends!


Happy Things.

Sometimes you need just a touch of happy.  With spring just around the corner, all the happy things are starting to reappear.

Color, light, warmth….are some of the things that get the sap flowing once again!

I found some happy today…aka things Target sells.

fun things

Darling yarn chicks for Easter, monogrammed mugs for two new coffee connoisseurs, polka-dotted paper straws, shamrock fun straws, a little St. Pat’s treat I put together, and Swedish Fish Jelly Beans.

Smiles all around!


heart banner

We are going to be traveling up to Valentine’s Day, and really won’t be around much to enjoy the anticipation of the holiday.

Still, I wanted to come home to a bit of festivity, without taking much time or money to do it.

Using just what I had on hand, I made a simple heart banner to display in our living area.

valentines banner-logo

Essentially, I had these heart doilies and a bit of ribbon.  I strung the hearts to create a very easy banner.

valentines banner 02-logo

It’s not much, but it will do the trick to create a little Valentine’s cheer when we arrive home.

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