January in a Nutshell

I’ve been on a mission this January to find the good of normally gray, glum days. January can be a bit of a drag, to me.

But not this year.
january 2016-blog1 january 2016-blog2 january 2016-blog3 january 2016-blog4

And though we aren’t quite out of the month yet, I’d say that January has been good to us! We’ve had sunny days more than not, I think!

We’ve enjoyed creature comforts like warm soups, savory pot pies, hot chocolate teaming with marshmallows, and Funfetti cupcakes.

I saw a few snowflakes the day before I turned 44. I’ve always wished for snow on my birthday.  This was pretty darn close. And a bit hilarious when you see the “accumulation”.

I’m really thankful for the good that I found, but honestly, I’m learning that it’s all about fixing your eyes to see the good before you.

If you look for it, you will surely find it!

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Little Things Thursday

Hello, strangers.  Well, that’s how it feels since I have had to pull back on blogging the last week or so.  I can only keep up with one post a week right now, but thank you for still connecting here, meanwhile. I’m trying to give myself permission to take care of all the pressing things so I can get back to a regular routine soon. I’ve gotta have it together by a week from Monday, so I’m almost there.

I’ve been swamped with preparing for our new school year, and working my photography business.  I’m just in a stage where the devil is in the details. I just need those around me to say that it is okay for these things to take time to complete. I can be such a hamster on a wheel. I forget that most things are a process and not a run into the ground race.

Enough about that though, because I have a girl to celebrate! Yesterday, Gracyn turned 14! I could lament the years here, but you moms already know. It goes quickly.

And she got a phone.




She’s pretty pleased about the phone situation. We’ve been one of the last hold out parents of kids her age. There are still a few others, but we were definitely in the minority. I don’t regret waiting, but feel that now is the time with high school on the very near horizon. I just need to be able to reach my kid.  It’s more for me than her. So, it’s definitely a little thing bringing much happiness around here. Her dad and I are cool after all.

How’s your week going, friends?


Little Things Thursday| The Happy Birthday Edition

My baby turns 8 today! Just one more year before we are halfway there with him. But, I can’t go there yet.  Jasper has been such a joy to our family.

He is our blue-steely-grey eyed boy with blond locks. Quite the opposite of all of us in terms of genetic features. His eyes are like blue jasper and I marvel at how God ordained that little detail so perfectly.We are thankful for his spunk, humor, generous spirit, mathematician brain, and fierce warrior spirit on the soccer field. At the same time he is equally tender, easily wounded, and prefers to fade into the background just like his mama. He has to muster the courage to put himself out there, but he does little by little.  He is perennially called Jabber by all who love him. He is a perfectly made peanut with a big spirit. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Happy 8th Birthday Jabber!


8 is gonna be great

Jabber turns 8 this week! It’s hard to believe that our baby is creeping out of the younger years and inching closer and closer to tween.

Say it ain’t so.

Old Instagrams caught my eye last night showing me just how much Jasper has changed over the years. He is still a peanut, but a big peanut!

Jasper 2015-1

Jasper 2015-2

We are so happy that God gave us this little anomaly to complete our family. We will be celebrating throughout the week since his real birthday is still a few days away.

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There is a teen in my house

Thirteen years ago this day was such a far away milestone that would surely take ages and ages to reach, but I blinked.  I blinked and here we are.  My firstborn is a teenager.

13. Gah..where do the years go?

I could lament the years, but it is far better to celebrate the now.  We have a teen in our home!  She celebrated her newly found status surrounded by a handful of good friends at the pool.  It was simple and yet perfect.

Afterwards, she was taken for her first makeover at the Clinique counter where so many girls begin their make-up wearing  journeys.

This post is about to get image heavy.

makeover 1-web
makeover 2-web
makeover 3-web
makeover 4-web
makeover 5-web
makeover 6-web
makeover 7-web
makeover 8-web
makeover 9-web
makeover 10-web
makeover 12-web
makeover 11-web

I just loved the way the make-up artist instructed and provided practice. This was a good experience and so fun. It’s good to embrace where we are now. 8th grade begins Monday morning!

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Guess Who Is Seven?

This boy who came into the world with much drama and fanfare!

Seven months of bedrest is nothing compared to the seven years of joy he has brought us.  Today we celebrate this blond, steely-eyed boy!  This boy is sweet, sensitive, shy, and oh so smart! When he warms up, that mouth never ceases. Jabber is a fitting nickname.
Happy Birthday Jasper
Happy Birthday Jasper
Happy Birthday Jasper

Happy Birthday Jasper! We all love you!

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Celebrate Me Home


Home for the holidays…

We had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.  I kept remarking to myself that all the preparations felt easy, and not so burdensome this year in spite of how drained I felt going in to the holiday.

The week off was so needed and much too fast.  We slept in.  We lounged in PJs all day.  Mostly, we just reveled in all that is home.

The monkey turned 9 two days after Thanksgiving, so there was more celebrating with family to be had.  Aidan got his much longed for roller skates from his aunt and uncle in Texas.  Of course there were lots of falls and a few injuries on this first day, but the monkey shows no fear.

I’m always thankful for this bit of a honey hole of downtime.  It helps me get that last push before Christmas when we can take a bit more time off.  I cherish this time of celebrating family and home.

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The 12 year old had her day of fun today.  I only brought along Instagram to record the goings on.  Sometimes it is more important for me to just be present.

Last Friday we let Gracyn have a pool party with friends.  One of the bummers of a late July birthday is that most of her friends are on vacation as school is just days away from the start.  Thankfully two buddies were in town.

G birthday party

We had pizza, snacks, the pool, and snow cones.  It was low key perfection.


On her actual birthday we had a lunch outing.  We perused Barnes and Noble and let her have a cookies and cream Frappuccino that was apparently meant for “Gracie”.   A common error.  She found a Swallowtail butterfly ala Kim Stevens.  We had an Italian dinner out at Mama Lucia’s. And finally she got the roller skates that she has been consistently talking about from my husband’s parents.  I may never rest again.

She wants a shirt that says: It takes talent to trip over flat surfaces.

Truer words have never been spoken.  Happy Days!

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They grow up fast

G on beach 10

Gracyn turns 12 today and I honestly don’t know how that happened so quickly.   I have just 6 years left with this one, and I know that will go by in a blink.   I remember well hearing my parents talk about me growing up quickly and feeling like they were nuts.  Those first 18 years seemed eternal to me.  I don’t know what it is about adulthood that makes time speed up.

My first baby is beginning her last year before becoming a teenager.  We are going savor the day, and savor the year.  So many changes are ahead.

We are so thankful for this first perfect little baby of ours who made us parents.  We love you G-Nut!


Happy Birthday Jasper!

Jasper turns 6 today. 6.  It really is unbelievable.   The baby we weren’t sure would make it to this world is 6!

razor spark-web

We got him a Razor Spark scooter.  Apparently, this is a pretty cool thing to have.  When you break, you get sparks.

I don’t talk about if often, but this now 6 year old boy almost caused my demise.  Figuratively, in retrospect.    I had a serious hemorrhage with my pregnancy at 11 weeks that cost me 7 months of bedrest.  And, I would do it all over again for any child of mine.

It was a hard 7 months, but an awesome 7 months of trusting the Lord.

I kept a journal for everyday of bedrest.  I wrote this on January 18th, 2007.  My 60th day of bedrest.  I didn’t know there would be many more days to come at the moment.:

So two months of bedrest have come to pass.  It really is amazing.  At times it feels every bit as much as two months and others it is amazing that I’ve accomplished two months.  In times of great pain, it feels an eternity.  There isn’t a lot of variety to my days, but God is helping me through.

I spent sometime reading through Jeremiah today and I was struck by God’s promise of restoration for the people in captivity… To me the amazing thing was God’s promise to heal them and restore joy.  He promised them a return to pleasant things.  I often struggle with wondering if I will enjoy smooth places or pleasant life again. It’s been so long and I’ve lived hardship to hardship.  Yet, God in His word speaks of restoring fortunes, and pleasant life.  I took these words to heart and felt comforted by the knowledge that God does not call us to live in constant trial.  They are for a season and when God has fulfilled what He seeks to accomplish, He will relent… It gives me hope to see God as the One who restores.  He breaks us, but does not destroy us. Praise be to God for His love truly endures forever.

Jasper and I both survived that trial.  God had us.  He restored the smooth places.  Oh there have been many a bump in the years of transition that followed, but God has been ever faithful to us.  We are so thankful for our sweet Jasper, a precious stone.

Happy Birthday, dear boy!

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