Beezus’ big day at the vet and a cool opportunity.


We survived the conundrum of last week.   Beezus moved through this situation quickly (3 days) and the vet called us back and agreed to keep Beezus’ original appointment for spaying.   None too soon, might I add!   She was dropped off at the vet early this morning and we should be able to bring her home within a few hours.   I need to prepare the kids to be gentle with her.  I’ll be thankful to see the back of the cat that she was for a few days. Oi!


On a cool note, I was approached about helping a local school system as a Thai translator!  ::fist pump::  The “job” would be to help assist Thai national children entering the public school system.  Basically, I would provide feedback to the teachers by testing the kids in their native language.  It would be a very, very part time gig.  Our area is probably not a Thai immigration hot spot.  I may only get to help once every few years, for all I know.  I am so excited though because my years learning Thai will not be for nought! I will have some opportunity to interact with Thai nationals, which is such a priviledge.  The works are moving forward to have me added to the translator list for an adjacent county.  There is currently a student that I may be called to assess soon.  And…I’ll be paid! But, I’d do it for free.  However, since you are offering…a little compensation is nice too!

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  1. That’s a cool shot! She looks very surprised:)
    Sivinden recently posted..MaurMy Profile

  2. Lol at the shot of Beezus! Fun post! I fist pump with you for the translator gig…I’m jealous…I admit it.

  3. Glad your cat is recovering well!! And what an awesome part time gig and so important too!
    Tamar recently posted..One Day More!My Profile

  4. That opportunity is awesome! So excited for you.

  5. เป็นโอกาสที่ดี ฉันมีความสุขสำหรับคุณ 🙂

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