Another Brick In The Wall

I’ve seen the writing on the wall.

Wat Pho

Another Brick in The Wall|Pink Floyd

Those happy days are just memories now.  They weren’t perfect, but they were some of the best days.  25. 30. 35.

Open. Free. Connected. Loved. Full of discovery and new beginnings.  A metamorphosis, winged and hopeful.

Standing on the edge of a new forever and seeing nothing but wide open spaces. Chains gone.

Mid-flight I find my wings beating against brick walls. Some yours. Some mine.

I’m gazing through the cracks to see those small slivers of blue.  But…

Each unkindness is a bit of mortar. Each rejection adds breadth and height to the wall. Disguised intentions. Manipulations. The masons keep right on building all around me.

Just another brick in the wall.  

I’ll keep taking my sledgehammer to the wall, even if it takes me years to break free.  Bruised wings can still fly.

Linking with Songography| Another Brick In The Wall.

*Disclaimer: I’m completely fine. Just weighing life’s experiences against the lyrics of a song and that’s what Songography is all about. So yes, my truth is in here.  Good lyrics are provocative and poke our bruises, which is what makes them popular.


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  1. How honest and real. Hope you’re ok!!
    Tamar SB recently posted..Song-osity: Jump!My Profile

    • Oh yes, I’m okay! Thank you. This is really just about the challenge that repatriation has been over the years. Leaving a community valued culture and returning to an individualistic culture has been interesting. I used to think we Amercans didn’t have a distinct culture, but after being away and returning, we definitely do! And some of those challenges are me trying to form good relationships and meeting walls. And getting hurt by that makes me form my own walls. No place is a perfect place, and I’m just stuck in the balance of seeing both sides for better and worse.
      Kim recently posted..Another Brick In The WallMy Profile

  2. I love those lyrics. Songography is becoming quite popular – I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Love those tiles! How fittng.

  4. Some walls are MEANT to tumble, dontcha think? We can’t control the actions of others, only how we allow those actions to impact us. So keep on swinging that sledgehammer of yours Kim. Thanks for joining in at Dong-graphs. I’m glad you find some inspiration in it 🙂

  5. I love the image – each unkindness a bit of mortar, each rejection adding height. It is hard work sometimes to even recognize that a wall’s gone up…let alone have the strength to knock it down. There’s so much adventure in the day to day when we live in a foreign land that it’s hard to find that same sense of independence, determination and achievement once back “home”… I have found that as the kids have grown and move on there’s more space for me and the boldness is returning.
    Adrienne recently posted..Every Tiny MiracleMy Profile

  6. Thought-provoking — and I’m glad to read the disclaimer and your comments (or I would worry about you!). Each unkindness is a bit of mortar. I’ve come to believe kindness is the greatest attribute in a spouse, a friend, anyone in the family. I’ve had to break down some tall walls and I’m so glad I did. No need to live like that. By God’s grace, I’m living wall-free now 🙂
    Sharon recently posted..The Roman Colosseum — Masterpiece of Stone and BrickMy Profile

    • LOL. That’s why I put it there. 🙂 I didn’t want anyone to think I was hanging off a cliff or anything. Just merely the song reminding me of some challenges, but knowing that they indeed will be overcome with God’s grace and kindness. He sees just what we need and provides! Of course there are often teaching moments along the way and new lessons to learn!
      Kim recently posted..Another Brick In The WallMy Profile

  7. You are so right about lyrics being able to poke bruises… but as you said, that is what makes them good

    Molly recently posted..Day 91 – Being HerselfMy Profile

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