By the light

Today is the first day in a long stretch of days where I reached the end of my to do list.  There is a sweet freedom that has washed over me…that I know won’t last, but here it is all the same.  It’ll probably make me antsy before long, but while it is sweet, I want to bask in it.

I pulled my Lensbaby out to just enjoy the freedom to be messy and creative.  To embrace imperfection that speaks to my soul.

I found a girl studying by the light of the afternoon sun, taking on unknown information.

by the window light

by the window light

I love the blur and the dark that signifies what taking on any endeavor often feels like. There are only cracks of light until you learn. After the dark of confusion, the light washes over you, and then you know new things. You have experience. You have to embrace the hard places to get there.

Adversity is not the enemy of the good. It’s often the catalyst.

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Little Things Thursday

Have you guys tried essential oils yet? I was a total skeptic at first, until a friend (who happens to be a pharmacist) offered to let me sample some for free.

And you know what? They really have addressed some things for me.  Don’t worry, I’m not leading you to a gift shop at the end of the post.  I’m not selling, just telling.

essential oil diffuser

I’ve been using oils for a few months to address sleep issues, headaches, the occasional burn, digestive issues, and etc… It’s really been fun to experiment with them. The whole thing has been kind of a surprise.

What I’m really loving is this diffuser that Jack bought me for my birthday. This thing, at night…oh my word!

I’m putting a few drops of Peace and Calming plus a little Lavender in the diffuser right before bed.  It’s seriously sleep inducing. The diffuser runs a couple hours and then shuts off when empty.  I’m getting some really solid sleep lately.  It’s the kind where you don’t really remember your dreams because you slept so soundly. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Good sleep really changes your outlook on so much.

I’m also moving the unit around during the day and adding oils for concentration or just to inspire positive moods.  Aromas really have the power to brighten moods. I’ve already requested a second unit for downstairs.

So, anyway, this is a little thing that has been enjoyable this week.  If you get one just for the sleep, it’s totally worth it!

What say you? Anyone else trying these?



I see this look all day long from my dogs.  There is always expectation for what’s coming next.  They sure do live for the treats.

Gigi wants a treat

I suppose I do the same, at times. I’m often looking down the pike for what’s ahead instead of taking in what’s right before me.  I’m learning not to misplace my expectations in opportunities, people, materials or really any of the wanted things. Also known as “treats”. It’s okay to have desires for things as long as they do not cause you to miss what’s already given: the staples.

I’m embracing the right now. The staples. And it is good.

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End of the line…

Well, it’s alright, even when push comes to shove

Well, it’s alright. if you got someone to love


Well, it’s alright, everything will work out fine

Well, it’s alright, we’re going to the end of the line


In other words, you can’t always get what you want…but you get what you need.  Wrong song, but same sentiment. No matter what disappointment life brings your way, look around and see that the most important things are often right in front of you.

Each day is a new lesson in this truth.

Side Note: How are these two brothers?

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Birthday Fun with Pic-Tap-Go

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that this past weekend was my birthday.  I confess, I did a little overgramming. One friend, who happens to share my birthday, reminded me that birthdays are a great excuse to overgram. And she is right!

However, my secondary purpose was testing out the photo app Pic-Tap-Go, designed for  iPhone and iPad.  Pic-Tap-Go reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying the app and reviewing it for y’all.  I love Instagramming as a form of micro-blogging, so yeah, I was down with that!  Pic-Tap-Go is a name that I have heard around the block for a little over a year, but I just had so many photo apps that I put off getting yet another photography app that perhaps wouldn’t meet my needs like the many I have downloaded before.  However, I am kind of kicking myself because I really loved/love this app! Pic-Tap-Go is made by the same cool team as Totally Rad!, Inc. which provides Photoshop and Lightroom editing tools for photographers!  They know a thing or two.

jan 24-15

I had so much fun playing with Pic-Tap-Go’s 69 unique filters. Let’s face it, some of Instagram’s filters are a bit much. But, I quickly found some favorite Pic-Tap-Go filters that I could save as “my style” or I could create recipes by layering for my own signature look. There are also great tools such a straightening and rotation features.  There are a variety of ways to post your images to your social media accounts.  That versatility is such a bonus.

Pic-Tap-Go’s 2.0 upgrade is now available in the iTunes store for $1.99. The upgrade is free to all previous Pic-Tap-Go users.  Don’t miss the in-app Replichrome Mini purchase for 10 film-like filters for $0.99. Pic-Tap-Go 2.0 now also supports a variety of languages to bring great iPhone photography to photographers around the globe, which is so cool of them!

Thank you Pic-Tap-Go for allowing me to try this app! I will definitely continue using this app for those on the go shots when “the big girl” stays home. The best camera is the one you have with you and I always have my phone ready to document my day.  Y’all be sure to go check out and get the Pic-Tap-Go 2.0 app! Hashtag your images with #pictapgo_app and let’s see what you create!

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This post is sponsored by Pic-Tap-Go and Totally Rad!, Inc. All opinions are my own.


Little Things Thursday

We are having a beautiful week here in Georgia with warmth and sun.  The kids are getting plenty of outside time, which they so desperately need.

I borrowed Jasper for a few minutes to play with using my office curtains to harness light.  You can see in his eyes the small sliver of light I used to light his face.  I might just have to build a tiny studio space on the wall opposite window.

It’s just a small way to get around the shorter daylight hours during winter, especially indoors.

curtain-window light-web

Since the day so nice, I might go outside to see what I can capture! Hope you all are having a great week.

Share your week with us!

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Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

I think this starts with personal development. When we are at peace, we will be peace givers.

I bought myself a little trinket to help me remember the things I want to work on this year to be more at peace.  I bought this at Lisa Leonard Designs, because I love her story and her work.  I’ve been doing a word of the year for awhile, but I always sort of forget exactly what I am praying for mid-year.  I’m one to love accountability in my life, so I built some for myself.  It might seem silly, but I want to remember chapters of my journey.  Each chapter holds a certain significance, even when we can’t see it in the day to day.

Words of the Year 2015

I’m really excited about some ways I have mapped out to help me with some areas I want to develop and explore.  I know myself and the two things above will not happen without intention.  They just won’t.

I’m hopeful!

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Office Vignettes

This past weekend I called a semi-time out.  I desperately needed time to just take care of needs that I had waiting in the wings. The sigh of January had not yet been embraced and it was time that I just exhaled after the rush of the year’s end.

I often exhale by ordering personal spaces.  I came into a few birthday bucks and I decided to spend them sprucing up my work space since I live there and will continue to live there for the future as far as I can see.  Why not make it enjoyable?

I added some living things.


office vignettes

I made light an option by layering blackout curtains over sheers. This allows me to edit any time of day without glare.  I feel this will increase daytime productivity and allow the evening to belong to my family. *fingers crossed*

office vignettes

Craft supplies were housed in drawers.

office vignettes

Shelves were arranged.

office vignettes

SO everything is not quite spic and span, yet.  However, this is my space.  Can you see it?


Soon, all things will be put in order. My catch all cork-board betrays the way I have been living in here.

office vignettes

I’m thankful for beginnings like the New Year which allow us to refocus and move forward. This was a good pause for me. My private space needed attention. It needed tending and love to encourage me in the years that lie ahead.  It declares that I trust God for the things He has given me today. That those things are a gift and have purpose. That I have purpose. This pause helps me to follow.

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Little Things Thursday

This week has been hard.  Ain’t gonna lie. During hard days/weeks finding an outlet becomes paramount to my well-being. This is probably why I chose pause as one of my words of the year.  I so very much need to pause to regroup regularly.

Today, I made myself pause for a creative break in the day.  It was just a few minutes, but I needed to do something besides cook, clean, wash/fold, teach and…lather, rinse, repeat.  Truth be told, I needed to get out of my own analytic head. I needed to get into my throw caution to the wind side. More truth told, I needed to get this post ready. Two birds, one stone.

creative break

I prepared a hot cup of cinnamon tea, grabbed some markers, and retreated to my office. On my shelf I have some “list” journals that are great for creative thinking and do not require too much time.  Being a daydreamer, I love the open ended prompts that let me dream and explore the what ifs.

creative break

I don’t know about you, but I can’t let myself lose the ability to dream. I have so many beautiful possibilities in my mind.  They may never materialize, but the dream of them is often satisfying.

creative break

creative break

Two out of four ain’t bad! Dream on! Dream on! Dream On! Dream until your dreams come true.  It’s funny how I found myself hesitating on a few thoughts that I didn’t list like “author”.  It’s also interesting that most of my dreams were driven by truly living rather than earning.

I only spent about 15 minutes on these lists today, but I felt a bit of a veil lift.  Creating, and dreaming are becoming bigger buzzwords for me in middle age. <—oh my.  I’m a fairly productive person, but I need to be freer to chase some rabbit trails.

I’d love to know what you do that inspires creativity or just that sense of restoration.

Join me below with what is inspiring your week!


Give A Little Bit

Give a little bit, Give a little bit of your time to me.

jasper at desk-web

Time is a precious commodity.  There is often not nearly enough of it, or is there? Many times I chose to live in such a way as if there is more to do than time in the day.  Perhaps truth would say that I take on more than I can truly handle.

But giving time to my family is the greatest yes I can give.  The days are often long, and the needs are so very consuming at times. My needs become an after-thought.

God reminds me in various ways that even though the world would say that I should put myself first more, that I am no fool to invest in these little ones entrusted to my care.

Now’s the time that we need to share

So find yourself, we’re on our way back home.

I struggle, boy do I struggle. The all day, every day at home bit can get to be a bit much some days. A lot of days.  I feel so inadequate to provide for everything. I worry about how they are faring in the their studies and if I am short changing them.  I worry that perhaps they need more involvement. I worry about so much.

I know somehow that these days are doing something and that God is leading us. Every time I get to the edge, God brings me gently back off the ledge and reminds me that this is His will for us.

It is good and it is well.

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