Little Things Thursday (The bloopers edition)

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!I know we are not all Americans visiting here today, but I’m thankful for you! The last few months have been really busy for me and thank you for hanging in with me as I slowed down on my blogging a bit. I know that once January comes, I will be back on track. This fall brought so many transitions that really ate a lot of time. But, I’m coming back to participate in all the link ups soon!

We are spending our Thanksgiving in Florida visiting family. It’s been 8 years since I had a summer-like Thanksgiving, so I thought I would bring summer back to you today. I have some summer film bloopers to share because a hot Thanksgiving feels a bit like a blooper to me after years of cool ones.

I’m still working on my film skills with the vintage cameras I have. Like seriously, no bells or whistles. So, that can cause some bloopers. That and stupid things I have done personally that I cannot blame on the camera.

Like opening the back of the camera before the film was fully rewound. I thought I heard the tell tale click. I was wrong. But hey, some people add light leak filters to their photos. Maybe I’m ahead.

Summer film bloopers   Summer film bloopers

And then there is when Ektar 100’s red gets overdone on skin. They look so creepy in the eyes. But…doesn’t Jasper look like Macaulay here?

Summer film bloopers Good old fashion missed focus. Summer film bloopers

Summer film bloopers Even though these are full of imperfections, I still love them because they are part of our memories. Preserved memories are our treasures. I’ve gotten brave and only brought film with me on this trip to Florida. All Ekatar 100 in all it’s red toned goodness. I decided that film would help me be more in the moment without worrying about taking so many shots. If it isn’t something I want captured I won’t bother, because, um…film. I love film for my personal work because it allows me to slow down and be selective. I’ve got two rolls out at The Find Lab now and I can’t wait to share those soon…bloopers and all! What’s up with you?


Little Things Thursday

I’m so sorry for the delay today for Little Things Thursday.  Severe weather moved through the area last night and I felt it was best to get off the computer for a while.

It may have been the alert that a tornado was spotted nearby.  Those kinds of warnings do sort of stop my work! All ended well as the tornado moved northeast of us, but we did get a deluge of rain and lightning.

You know what else is a tornado around here? These two.


They have been like two F5s around here with their boy-like wrestling, pushing, shoving, running, etc…

They really do love each other, but this week you might wonder.  I’m glad they will always have each other in spite of how much they are getting on each others nerves lately.

And a note of housekeeping, we will go on as planned for next Thursday on Thanksgiving. If you can make it, great…but if not have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday.  Yesterday, I brought my camera along on our outing hoping to find something to photograph for today, but quickly realized that I left my CF card at home. I had a session last evening and didn’t put my card back in my camera after downloading the session. Which is smart on one level and disappointing on another.

So, for today, Instagram will do.  Although, I haven’t take many of those either.  I seriously need to get it together around here.

I blame the rain.

Mid Novemeber 2015

I don’t know about where you live, but Atlanta has already beaten Seattle in rainfall.  We’ve had nothing but rain since Halloween. Well, the sun did finally come out Tuesday afternoon.

The bummer is that all the rain sort of blighted our fall color.  We got a little, but not the vibrant show of years past.

Still, we are thankful for the sun that has returned before winter arrives very soon.  Can you believe that?

By the look of some of your blogs, autumn has been glorious for you! I’m living vicariously, so keep that color coming!


Little Things Thursday

We hit another milestone this week.

G beanie 01-750 BRACES! G beanie 02-750

Just 24 months to go! But who is counting?

Braces are a right of teen passage, so we are just going emBRACE it.

Now share a little bit about your week!



Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday! I got a little behind this past week with blogging because in all honesty, my daughter’s high school stuff is kicking my booty. Now, I know it should all be her high school stuff kicking her booty, but as a mom you still have to make sure it all happens.  All the purchases for the week…my job.  All the taxi needs…my job. Did I mention school is 36 miles away and we have umpteen functions to attend? All the forms and homework oversight…my job.

Not to mention normal life needs that don’t involve said high schooler.   Can I get an amen, Mamas?

High School is kicking both of our butter beans.

I really want to get this time management thing back to auto pilot, but that isn’t going to happen.  We are still working on the kinks of transitioning.

G homework-750 Wednesdays are Def Con 5 in preparing for Thursday campus days.  There is frantic studying and editing of essays every. single. week.

 There is the mad rush to read 100 pages of the current literature selection.  She is working steadily, but it is just a lot. It’s truly a lot.

 She takes it all with a grain and loves going to school. Great friendships have been born and are developing as the weeks go by.

It’s all a blessing in our lives…but a busy blessing.  I almost feel that my mothering needs have increased exponentially of late. There is just so much terrain to navigate. I need to be present.

I am present. It’s a gift to walk these last in the nest years and make them count. If I don’t blog as much as I used to it’s because I’m asleep. By the end of the day I am simply toast with a long list of the undone.

How’s your week?


Little Things Thursday

It’s THAT time of year again. You know, Fall Photo Session time?

This session was unique in that it was the first time I did a full, real session with extended family members.  My SIL and BIL were on deck for some updated photos. I’m still editing their gallery, but I always have at least one sneak to share early on. You may have seen this on my Biz Facebook Page, but I’m going to share it here, too!

Sheldon 02-LBL I’m keeping my fall sessions on the lighter side this year as I prepare to launch some new initiatives in 2016. I’ll still have plenty to edit before Christmas!

Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying this beautiful Autumn season.

*And as a side note, please remember that all posts should contain images that you have captured in keeping with the spirit of the linky. Thanks! <3

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Our family got a little treat this past weekend when my husband’s sister came to town.  It’s been 3 years since she and her husband moved to Texas to take on a new job.  We were excited to spend a little time with them around their camper in a beautiful state park near our home.

Of course, S’mores were called for.


Smore's 02-blog

Smore's 05-blog

Smore's 06-blog

Smore's 01-blog

Smore's 07-blog

These are a bunch of grainy, low-light images, but still so fun! There is something about fall that makes sitting around the campfire so enjoyable.  The company wasn’t too shabby either. Happy Trails To You…Until We Meet Again.

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Little Things Thursday

Even though summer is long gone, there are still little pockets where summer once kissed.

My zinnias continue to bloom strongly, but this week I sensed that the tide of seasons is about to turn in real earnest taking summer’s gifts along for the ride.

So, I grabbed a few cuttings and made the most of summer’s last sigh.

Summer's last sigh

She was all too happy to take a break from the intense workload of the week. After a few poses with our little bouquet, I placed them in a jar to grace our table. And oh, how the last flicker of the day’s light exposed their beauty. Summer's last sigh

What are you savoring this week?


Little Things Thursday

It was another busy week here.  One of the things we are heavily learning in this new season of raising a family is time management. The days are so full!

Learning to pace ourselves has been the theme of life.  We have always been pretty good at managing time, but each time we enter a new phase, we must adjust!

Jasper window light 01-blog I’m really getting fairly desperate for time to photograph people. My people, that is! I’ve taken so few images of them since school began.

However, tomorrow, we are heading out for an over-nighter in the GA mountains and I will be toting some cameras. We are really looking forward to a couple days to play as a family before we rev up for the end of the year busyness. I love the mountains this time of year! You can find me this weekend on my Instagram account kim_littlebylittle! Join me as we enjoy the fall! You can also find me @kimcunninghamphoto where I exclusively share my professional work! Let’s see your October fun!


Little Things Thursday

Hello Friends! Welcome to Little Things Thursday! If I’m not mistaken, we are now into our 4th year of sharing our lives with each other here! It’s really humbling to see how this community has grown and changed over these last 3 years.  Thank you all for being here each week and being part of a sweet community! I sort of lost track of the time, but did not want to miss thanking you for the time you take to be here. Truth told, I can’t remember the exact date Little Things Thursday began, but it’s been a honor having you here! It’s amazing to see how we have all grown in life and in our photography.

So, off we go into another year of sharing!

Homework 01-blog

Jasper doing a bit of homework at Starbucks 

For all the new folks, I thought it would be a good idea to just take a moment to say hello and share what this community is all about. Little Things Thursday’s primary purpose is to share those little moments happening in our lives that we want to document for posterity. I love having memories documented to reflect the good of daily life. There are always challenges, hurts, and struggles in life, but there are many blessings, as well.  That’s what this linky is all about: finding the good and capturing it!

Capturing is part and parcel to what we are doing here! We want to see your world, not just in text, but in images! Each Thursday is a great time to display your growth in photography. Just show what you are working on! Just use whatever tools you have. There are no themes, which creates freedom and flexibility to align your posts to whatever is going on in your life.  You can share your crafts, your recipes, your children, your travel, your job, or your whatever! Just make sure that you include a photograph that you captured. No stock photos, please. 

May I share some tips for feeling more connected here? 

1. Link early. The earliest links get the most traffic. The link opens every Thursday at midnight.

2. Connect. Don’t link and run. Take the time to build community…and this community is awesome!  Short on time? Just try to reach a few fellow bloggers.

3. Be generous. Comments beget comments. Simply put, those who take time to comment get noticed and reciprocity from others. Be brave and go first.

4. Stay with the overall spirit of the party…i.e. sharing your life or endeavors with your photography.

5. Make it easy to comment on your blog. Too many hoops to leave a comment deters interaction. There are several blogs out there that I simply cannot leave a comment on due to having to register a password that I have already forgotten. I want to support you! Make it easy, folks!

6. See something that really resonates with you? Share it! Pin it! Tweet it! There are so many incredible people doing incredible things, so cheer them on!

Well, enough telling. Let’s get to showing. Here is to year 4!


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