Film Friday

My 2nd and 3rd roll scans finally arrived after lunch.  I’ve been totally watching my email’s inbox all day. I was really anxious to see if these rolls had improved.  They did, overall.  I’m still having a little trouble with the focus ring on my Nikon FM 10.  It has a split screen for focusing that I’m not sure I love.  I’d rather eyeball it.  I feel I’m getting better focusing results on the Minolta SRT 101 where I can just trust my eye.

Any hoo… here are a couple faves.  I’m going to spread out my shares because I’m not quite ready to send off more rolls, just yet.

These were taken with two different film cameras and rated at different ISO.  I just big puffy heart film’s grain.

goofy grin

Nikon FM 10 with Fuji Superia 400 @ 400.


Minolta SRT 101 with Fuji Superia 400 @ 200

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Little Things Thursday

Little Things grow up.

G with soccer ball

She just surpassed me in height.

It is strange to think that the little face that looked up to you, and the little arms that reached up to you are now above you. Just barely.

But her growth is still on the upward climb for a few more years, and I know that soon I will have to look up just a bit to meet her gaze.

Weird. Totally weird.

I once housed this kid, and now she is bigger than what once was her source of life.

She realized she had me beat just the other day.

She danced a little jig of victory.


What’s your little thing this week?

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It’s that time again. Fall and Spring.



Aidan soccer-web

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A New Day Has Come

I waited so long for a miracle to come.

jasper morning 2

When it was dark now there’s light
Where there was pain now’s there’s joy
Where there was weakness I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy

Hush. Now. 

When I think back on the hard, hard pregnancy with this one I am amazed that he is even here.  I’m so thankful for the beautiful outcome of a rough season in our lives.

I’m especially thankful when I hear stories where things went an entirely different direction for those families facing similar circumstances. And my heart breaks for them.

This song has always been an emotive song for me when thinking back to those days of uncertainty and how the weight of anxiety was lifted the day he was born.

We gave him two names signifying strength.

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Insta Monday

Gosh.  I was surprised to see how little Instagramming I had in my feed this past couple weeks.  I feel a bit like I’m juggling photo platforms lately between Insta, dSLR, and SLR.

But that’s okay, I suppose, because I am working on personal work either way.

The little I captured on Insta this week:

mid march 2015

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with traditional corned beef, boiled potatoes, and the not so traditional spinach, you know…for green.

I got a little one on one with Jasper while the older two went to activities.  We hit up the local Fro-yo.  He looks so much older in this photo and it is one of the rare photos where I can actually see a hint of me in the mix.  Not in coloring, mind you, but somewhere in the facial features.  Or maybe it’s my middle brother, if he were blond?  But, usually he looks like no one in particular.

Last Friday, I told Gracyn to throw on a dress and go with me to the quaint part of town so I could shoot a roll of Portra 400, which comes highly recommended for portraits, as you may have guessed by the “Portra” bit. I stepped outside of my “golden hour” vision and shot mid-day.  I’ll be anxious to see how film handles mid-day sun, but of course I still exercised typical photographer caution. We took a break in the cutesy coffee shop on the town square, which was really paying my model for her time with something fun.  I will say that this one doesn’t handle stealth well. We tried to be inconspicuous as we walked alleyways. Her uncontrollable giggles most likely gave us away.

And finally, soccer is back in full swing.  We had games all day Saturday. We had two wins and a loss. Both boys scored multiple goals.

That’s our for last week!



Film Friday

So, one of my goals this year is to share film work on Fridays…thus Film Fridays.  This will be contingent on actually having scans in to share.

I have two more cheap test rolls going out today with some adjustments in my shooting.

This shot was on my first roll.


Fuji Superia 400 on Minolta SRT 101

While this isn’t exactly right, I still kind of love it. Maybe it’s Mommy Goggles.

One of the things I am learning about film vs. digital is that with film you often meter for the shadows. With digital, you are watching those highlights like a hawk. Blown highlights are a chief concern for digital shooters. Film, on the other hand, can handle blown highlights with a greater latitude. But, you don’t want muddy shadows.

This is a bit like driving in America, and then learning to drive in a foreign country. And then returning back to the States and getting behind the wheel. It takes a minute to figure out which way to go.

In this shot, I metered by light out of habit.  Had I metered for the shadows, his face would be more evenly exposed.  On top of that, I could have rated my film at 200 vs 400 to overexpose.

Now I know.  But, I am not discouraged by the mistake.  I am grateful for failures.

Failing is necessary and beneficial in this process. In any process, really.

And I still kind of like this flub because I can see what it could have been, and I think I know how to get there.

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Little Things Thursday

I received my first film scans yesterday! Overall, the collection was a great learning experience. I pretty much approached my first roll blindly since I wanted to see if the camera simply worked. I’m happy to say that it does. I do have a lot to learn, though. I’ve already applied some new principles to my second and third rolls of film that are still being used in my film cameras. So really, it will be my 4th roll that gets the applied feedback from the lab. I love that the lab will suggest some things to try for future rolls.  That’s pretty cool!

How about a couple raw shares?

All images shot with Fuji Superia 400 rated at 400. Camera: Minolta SRT 101 circa 1967.



Kind of bummed about this. I felt the shutter lock on this image and the result was an unintentional double exposure.


Confession: I did crop this one a little. This was the last frame and it wasn’t a full true frame. It was an extra squeeze in and thus had a black stripe on the right size. I just cropped that out.

Harley and Rosie

This film is cheap drugstore film. I don’t love it for skin tones. It did work well for outdoor scenery. I will use Portra 400 for portraits going forward. These were just test shots to run through the camera to see what happens and what needs adjusting. It was really fun to be surprised with these scans after all most two weeks of using up film and waiting for the lab. Film is definitely an adjustment, but such a fun creative way to shoot.  I’ll keep going!

What’s your little thing this week?


On the wings of my fancy

I can fly anywhere.

when pigs fly

Just as long as I stay in my own little corner keep my eyes on the prize.

Dreams are not a fool’s errand, even the ones that never come true.  Dreams teach us to hope, and hope is what keeps us trying.

Trying is what keeps us growing. Remember that the journey is just as important as the arriving.

Tie on some wings.

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After a few damp, gray days, it is good to see the sun. We’ve finally hit spring’s stride.

aidan football

March’s lamb days are starting to win the count.

Souls are reviving.  The golden hour is graciously extending play time.

Buds are popping and a slow greening in taking place all around us.

We are drinking in this golden sun.

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Little Things Thursday

I’ve been feeling a cross between wilted and inspired this week. I usually get a little funky after a week of constant running, which was exactly what last week turned out to be. I’m in a place of craving community, conversations, and creativity. It’s hard to get all three of those needs met most weeks, but this week I was able to indulge my creative needs.

I’ve spent my free moments learning film photography.

jasper in glasses

It’s probably fairly obvious that this isn’t film. I’m in the throes of agony waiting for my first roll to be scanned.  I’m not counting on my first roll being much.  It was probably halfway through the roll that I had an a-ha moment with the TTL light meter in my Minolta. Even though I know my first roll isn’t going to wow me, I am loving the process of working through another avenue of photography. It’s meeting me in arid places where my creative side is feeling thirsty for growth.

My kids aren’t exactly excited to see me coming with the camera.  There may have been some running to hide. I may be using jellybeans for wages.

I’m inspired to keep putting myself through the gauntlet of thinking through the process on a camera with zero bells and whistles. There is something about creative hurdles and raising the bar a little higher that motivates me. I hope to have my scans next week to see just how high the bar raised.

I’ll show you, because I believe in beginnings and raw honesty.

What’s inspiring you this week, fellow creatives?

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