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Jasper dandelion

Happy Thursday, Friends!

I’m off to photograph an intimate wedding today.  Meanwhile, here is a share from the 5 minute session with Jasper a few weeks ago.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will share a few wedding sneak peeks soon.  I’m really honored to be part of today’s love story!

Now, let’s hand it over to you! As a gentle reminder, all posts linked here should contain a photograph that you have taken. Professional togs, hobbyists, and blogs of all genre are welcome to participate, but please include your personal photos! :) Also, be sure to mingle with the other guests here to build community!


You win some, You lose some

This week I’m on the lose some plan. I have kind of busted up my knee with my overzealous walking and running. Turns out, I’m not 23 anymore.

mid-may 2015

I’ve been on modified rest for 4-5 days. I’m not quite sure what my injury entails, but it is on both sides of my knee, seemingly in the medial area. I’m able to run a few errands and I thought I’d try walking yesterday with the aid of KT tape, but I was unable to do that.

I’m resting up today because I’m photographing a precious little wedding tomorrow.  It’s all elevation, ice, and Netflix for today.  I’ve got to be mobile tomorrow.

Still, there are winning moments like ice cream, boba tea, Pad Thai, and binge watching Korean dramas.

I haven’t been able to capture much else this week due to immobility, but I do hope to be back on my feet soon.  Little Things Thursday will run as scheduled! Hope to see you there.

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S-Summertime Gladness

2/3 of my children are finished with school! We surprisingly pulled out all the stops and got the boys completed by Thursday last week.  Gracyn has just a bit to finish up this week and then it’s onward to summertime.  It’s time to water our bodies with rest and refreshment.


And it is time to begin setting the course for the year to come, after I take a small breather from this year! I’m always so thankful to get to this place in the year.  May is hard, and busy… but also yummy in many ways as I gear up for the things to come!

First up: Shooting a very intimate wedding on Thursday!

Cheers to summer!

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Little Things Thursday

“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road.”

Running shoes 01-blog

I’ve alluded to this a few times already, but in case you missed it, I have taken up daily walking combined with little runs. Basically to the end of the road type runs, but multiple times over the 3.4 miles. I’m still building stamina to run. I hate running.

Except, I don’t hate the benefits of those short sprints. Stress? I love taking it out on these morning walks/runs.  I love feeling strength creep back into my body.  I’m at a place in life where I can take better care of myself.  I’ve been walking a week and a half and I have already logged 33.3 miles. My knee is cussing me out, but I feel accomplished. I love arriving back to my porch after 45 minutes completely drenched in sweat.  The endorphins are an amazing anti-depressant.  I just gotta have my Rocky “No pain, No Pain” moment to get to the endorphin part.

Another no pain, no pain pep talk is getting to the end of the school year.  We are almost there and I will be back to regularly joining all the linkies very soon! Thanks for your patience and still joining me here each week while I tie up loose ends!

Let’s see your week!



I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend celebrating the women in your lives. We had a good, and full weekend.

Saturday was two soccer double-headers that had us out in the sun for 5 hours.  We were fairly sun-drained by the end.  AND, as much as we love our soccer Saturdays, we are happy next week is the last game until fall! I get my Saturday mornings back…which means sleep-ins.

Mother's day weekend 2015

Saturday evening I was able to escape for a Girl’s Night Out, and it was lovely to get to know someone new while growing friendships with the others over a good meal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful.  Hubby made an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and juice.  He ALSO made lunch after church.  I got to rest for a bit and then got back into my workout routine…which is simultaneously killing me slowly and making me stronger.  I’m only walking/jogging 3.4 miles a day, but when you haven’t really exercised in awhile, it hurts.  I’m looking for some great workout tunes to keep me moving.  What’s your favorite?

Jack ordered those two gorgeous floral prints for me from  If you haven’t had a tour around her work, you really should. It is so inspiring. The creator, Bridget, is the very first blogger I followed back in 2005.  I found her inspiring then, but she has really blossomed in her talent over the years. (pun intended)

Mother's day weekend 02

And with that, we are back to our work week. We have 9 days left of school. I’m dragging and ready for summer,but must keep on truckin’.

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Little Things Thursday

Do you love weeds? I think most photographers do. The grocery store by my house has an empty lot that sprouts golden weeds each spring and fall.  I always try to make the most of them before the city comes to mow them down.  I have been trying to create time to get to them for the last two weeks and I finally made it over last night.  I have a sneaking suspicion I just made it.

A face wash and a quick outfit change and we were off.  He agreed to 5 minutes.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

While I have you I want to wish all of you ladies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Even if you aren’t officially a mother, you are nurturing others and you are seen!

Let’s see your week on Little Things Thursday!


May Flowers

We’ve been clocking many hours around the yard the last few weeks to create not only an oasis for summer, but to also feed ourselves…Lord Willing.

Here’s a look at a few scenes of late.

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

Everything is in gorgeous mode!

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Currently, in my free time, which is keeping me sane.

beg of may 2015

Soaking up time with our neighbor dog, Bella. She and her mom are moving sort of far away. Lots of porch time since Bella’s mom had a nice rocker in her recent yard sale.

Adding to my growing plant stash. Willing myself to walk 3+ miles a day. It’s sad how sore I am, but it is a good sore. I’m also smelling a bit “earthy” and I have never been so thankful for my end of day tub soak, except for when I lived in Thailand. Summer has arrived. Like for real.

Not pictured: school, school, school. We are at T-minus 14!

Re-watching: Lost on Netflix.  It’s a bit different when you have the puzzle pieces up front, but still intriguing.  I love the character nuance.  I think everybody can identify with one or two characters in some capacity and see bits of themselves.  I think that is what I really love about it.  We all have flaws that need working through, and we all have our inner strength.  I love seeing those flaws and fortitude battle each other.  I think I’m a bit Jack like, for better or worse.

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Little Things Thursday

Hello Friends! We’ve officially hit the end of year crazies.  We have just 17 school days left of our school year, which means we are in the scramble to accomplish as much as we can in a short period of time.


Summer is so close and the freedom is beckoning me. Yet, I discovered today that we still have so much to cover in certain subjects, so it is go time around here. I really do not want to slide into June with school on our backs.

I may be a bit in and out on the blog, but I will try my best to keep up. LTT will go on as usual because I do so love this little community! But if I don’t make it to everything over the next 3 weeks know that I still love ya and will be back to normal very soon.

I foresee some late nights in our future with our rising Freshman. I can’t believe High School years are beginning.

Now let’s hear about you!



Come on let’s take a picture

The kind you gotta shake

Spring 2015

Ok, so I didn’t shake it. But it was developed the old fashioned way.

Nothing automatic about this. No instant gratification.

I’m falling in love with all things analogue.  I don’t throw out my technology with the development bath water, but there is something about doing things old school that makes me feel more connected to what I’m doing.  No matter what I’m doing.

Learning to wait and anticipate is a beautiful thing.

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