Little Things Thursday

I took a pause out of life last night and decided that I really needed some time to shoot.  I was starting to feel creatively dry and I needed to remind myself of how fun it is to exercise those creative muscles.

However, my child totally pulled a photographer’s kid stance.  If you are a photographer and you have kids, I don’t need to go on.  But even in those “I’m too itchy”, “The sun is in my eyes”, and “I don’t know how to smile” moments…you get a few shots anyway.

Jasper|Newnan Children's Photographer
Jasper| Newnan Children's Photographer
Jasper| Newnan Children's Photographer

What are you shooting to stay creative?

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From a Distance

From a distance we will all have enough.

No hungry mouths to feed.

That’s right.  Half a world away.  I’ll still make your dinner.  It’s my travel insurance.


16 days to go to departure and I’m finally over the lingering cold.  I’m spending them wrapping up all the loose ends that make my leaving a little easier. I’ve been making freezer meals for the last two days so that my family can eat well when I am gone. And, well, making this investment means that my husband is more apt to say yes to more trips if I don’t leave him in the lurch.

I’m no big dummy.

I’ve made pumpkin bread with freshly pureed pumpkin to freeze for breakfasts.  I’ve made 5 crock pot meals and one casserole. My freezer is full of love… and insurance premiums.

The beer?  Just a experiment gone horribly wrong.  I hate beer.  The Punkin Ale sounded promising.  I still hate beer.

So yep, these next two weeks are all about getting ready.  There is shopping, packing, schooling, scheduling blog posts, and with a side of freaking out a tad.

In a good way.

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Little Things Thursday

Happy Thursday, Friends!  I know that today is a day of remembrance and sorrow that is forever etched in our minds. The memory that comes to the forefront of my mind is holding my firstborn at 6 weeks old and thinking, “What is this world that she is going to be raised in”?  I really wasn’t sure how to tackle today, but then I thought that the best defense against nightmares is to shine a light on all those little happy moments.

You know what brings me a little happy?

Instagram.  I’m totally abusing it right now.  I have some portrait sessions coming up, plus all the travel photography to come.  I think I’m storing up my editing energy.   At any rate, I just love the ability to capture my days so easily. It’s kind of a blessings log, if you think about it.  If you purpose it to be.


Like warm soup when you are sick.  The joy of preparing for a much anticipated trip. The battle of the flight socks. ^^^These win. Happy stripes.

September’s Birchbox (aff link) had perfect travel sized beauty products that I’m chucking in my carry-on.

For bonus happy, have you tried hyperlapse by Instagram yet? I’m looking forward to playing with this in Thailand to bring it to life for those following along.  Speaking of that, I’d love for you to come find me at kim_littlebylittle on Instagram! I’ll be sharing primarily there while traveling. And, I love finding new friends that shine a light for me.  The world’s been a little scary lately, so let’s keep shining a light in the dark.

Your turn to share!

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The thing about dreams

During part of our homeschool today, we read the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.  Funny how I am still learning lessons that childhood teaches.

While reading we learned anew that it isn’t always the fast starting talent that wins the race.  The slow and steady tortoise teaches us that with focus, steady effort, and humility we can reach our goals.

Sounds good, anyway. While success isn’t promised to those who play fair, there is satisfaction in the right kind of focus and perseverance.


I mean, really there is!  The thing is… there is a lot of nasty out there among photographers.  There are some that seek to derail the careers of others for their own gain through telling falsehoods, public bashings, and etc… There are those who steal and copy.  Like I said, a lot of ugly goes on.  Much of it seems rooted in desperation to be a social media kingpin rather than an actual photographer. It’s sad.  I’m thankful to avoid that behind the scenes mess, but I have watched others navigate this sort of thing.

But you know what? There is also real fellowship and camaraderie out there, too! There are those that want to see you make it just as much as they want to see themselves make it. They walk beside you.   If they are in front of you, its only to lead the way.  It shows in their work and the way they seek to inspire you to see what you might not have seen.  When you find that, it is gold.  When you can genuinely cheer on others walking the same path that says a lot about you.  If you have to destroy others to get where you are going, that also says a lot about you.  Like a ladder in your tights, it will show.

Like Dolly said:

You’re in the same boat

With a lotta your friends

Waitin’ for the day your ship’ll come in

The tide is not guaranteed to turn as she says but, trust me, it’s no gain to reach the top by trampling on others.  At the end of the day it should be about the art, not the accolades.  At least that is how I see it.

Find those fellow photographers that will encourage you to reach your potential through both cheers and constructive critiques. I have been blessed by this kind of community over the years.  Truly, there are some amazing women in my life saying, “Yes, you can!”

Stay slow and steady. Work with humility and grace. Let your work speak for itself.  Promote truth.  Keep improving.

The thing about dreams is that they come to life with hard work and the right support.  If you have to hurt others to win, you’ve already lost.

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Annyonghi-kaseyo Summer

September means saying goodbye to summer, in theory, anyway.  It’s still smoking hot here in the deep south.

As if one cue, the first plague of the year hit our home.  We’ve been bouncing some sort of cold around our house for almost two weeks.

Beg Sept14

It’s nothing serious, but it is just the kind of thing that causes you to call a time out.   I had a brief clearing over the end of last week which afforded me attending an awesome women’s conference at church with Ruthie Delk.  If you are in to that sort of thing, you should look up her book Craving Grace.  It was just the thing I needed to hear, though I am still processing what it means for me.

And then, I woke up Sunday with a relapse of this cold thing.  I had grand intentions of reading over some of the conference materials, but the headache had other plans.

I cried off productivity and started another Korean Drama.  Disclaimer if you are new here: I do some things that others may consider odd…like watch Korean Dramas. There is something very amusing about them. They are not nearly as sophisticated as American TV, but I think that is part of the appeal.  There is a definite cult following out there, so I take solace in that.

This time it is Cheongdam-dong Alice.

I watched 8 of 16 episodes yesterday, which made for a pretty great sick day. Complete with ramen.





Little Things Thursday

Pizza.  The great boon for a hormonal mother short on time. It’s one of those little things that helps a mom in a pinch.

pizza night-web

We rarely nosh on pizza these days, which is why a couple of us were reaching for the Rolaids afterwards.  One does not consider gluten and grease when hormonal and tired. You just roll with it.

Especially when your dinner is labelled with that glorious word: DELIVERY.

It’s the little things…

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I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day! We used ours to play catch up around the house, which ironically means I am behind with blogging.

C’est La Vie.

There has been an abundance of life going on here and here is a little glimpse of our currently.

End of Aug14 End of August14-2

Drinking: Coffee brewed in an actual coffee pot. We retired the Keurig.

Aspiring: Lego my Eggo. I’m trying to make breakfast a little more special on Friday mornings.  I don’t know that Eggos are that special, but they were appreciated as were the turkey sausages.  We are generally a bowl o’ cereal kind of family.

Exercising: Still walking in the evening.

Reading: God The Real Superpower.  This is a thought provoking read on American Christianity and missions.

Preparing: I completed my travel wardrobe over the Labor Day weekend.  I found several jersey material maxi-skirts.  I’m going for breezy comfort as I hang out 13 degrees above the equator next month. I also bought some of my travel size sundries.  My big tip for flying is to tape your liquids around the openings before placing them in a ziplock bag.  The tape prevents seepage and explosions that occur with flying.  The baggie is a backup.  No more waste! It works, it really works.

Preventing: Swollen feet.  I bought a pair of compression socks for my flight.  This will be my first time using them after 20 years of international flying.  Ruby slippers not not included.

Watching: So, I found out that my flight would be on an Airbus 380 which is the biggest commercial plane to date. It’s a double-decker and can hold up to 500+ people.  I wanted to see what it was like, being my first time on this plane and all.  I made the mistake of watching several of their first class videos.   I will be in economy, but oh my goodness that first class is beyond awesome.  I’m flying  Korean Air, but take a look sometime at Emirates version.  Anybody have any upgrades they want taken off their hands?

Shooting: No people this week, but flies. I’m ready for a cold snap to kill these irritants.  Meanwhile, I’m using my Bug-A-Salt which shoots, as you may have guessed, salt.  These are perfect for photographers because of our steady handed- sharp-shooting and focusing skills.

That’s our for this week!






Little Things Thursday

Today on Little Things Thursday, we are going to talk about an ugly truth.

It’s the ugly truth of The Hershey’s Miniature Bag.

hershey's miniatures-web

I bought a bag of these classics to keep in our school room. I let the kids pick one chocolate at the end of their school day as a little closing treat.

The ugly truth has been left to stare us in the face.  Mr. Goodbar is not very popular.

Come to think of it,  The Mr. was shunned in my day, too.  Krackle and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate were always chosen first.  Special Dark was that kid you played with when you had to, but only when you had to.  Though now, you fully appreciate his finer qualities.

Mr. Goodbar just can’t get a break.  He’s a little nuts.

I try to eat one here and there to even the score, but we are still trailing.

Soon he will be all that remains and I wonder if his day of acceptance will finally come.

I’ll be there to console him, if not.

So what’s your favorite miniature?

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I Really Want It

I’m feeling the world go round

It’s spinning me upside down

I’m finally homeward bound



I really want it.

Yep…this song is pretty perfect for where I am.  I love where I am! I love where I am with my family and our life callings.

And, not but…And…I’m really loving this gift of being able to take a little time to go.  My nervousness and my excitement are fairly equal.  I’m only nervous about not taking my family along and not being the keeper of all the things.

It’s a mother’s prerogative.

Yet, I can trust the One who is the real keeper of all things and I can freely enjoy this gift! Not that I won’t be a nervous Nelly from time to time. See above.

Thailand is such a part of my story…our story.  It’s really hard to explain to those who haven’t lived it. But if you have lived somewhere really special, you know what I mean.

Some of the first words spoken to me after leaving Thailand were, “You’ll get over it.”  I wasn’t looking to get over anything, and so I haven’t.  Moved forward?  Yes.  Change of direction? Yes.  Content? Yes.

Over it?   It doesn’t need getting over.

I’m so looking forward to taking friends along and showing them this topsy-turvy-chaotic place that I love and once called home.  I hope they bring home the souvenir of loving it, too!

After the shock, of course! But, that’s half the fun.

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Craftiness and other domestic bliss

What is it about the imminence of autumn that brings out the creative spirit in us?  I’m not sure what it is, but the bug has certainly hit.


Lately, I’m rediscovering bliss in the little things of life. Such as…

Watching on Netflix: Family Ties (love that Alex P. Keaton), Sabrina (the newer one), and Last Love.  Last Love was sad, but worth a watch.

Cooking: Anything in my crockpot.  I have spaghetti sauce simmering right now.

Drinking: Trader Joe’s Smooth Blend Coffee

Pinning: Meals, Crafts, and Homeschooling ideas

Crafting: Knitting, and Sewing with the kids

Discovering: Extra time in the day gained through early rising and earlier bedtimes

Desiring: Being part of what really matters.  There is so much going on in the world currently that I think we need to be paying attention to.  Like for real.

Loving: Instagram vs Facebook.  I love scrolling through my feed and seeking thankfulness/celebration rather than being bombarded by Facebook tantrums and negativity.

Planning: A trip to Thailand in 6 weeks!

Exercise: Walking with Rosie in the afternoons/evenings…no music or distractions, just my thoughts.

Reading: Farmer Boy to the kids

This is my Good.Random.Fun.



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